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Ga, South Africa

Private - Customer security in Banks

Posted: 18th of May, 2012, 6:25am CDT by a444e0c2 in Other

A & I Dist - Beware of South African Airways (

Posted: 24th of Apr, 2012, 8:13am CDT by 21f865c4 in Other

All Pay - SASSA grant administrator

Posted: 19th of Mar, 2012, 12:00pm CDT by 205aec70 in Other

Cyclone Fuel Saver - Cyclone Fuel Saver on - COMPLAINT - Francois AKA Andre du Preez

Posted: 12th of Nov, 2011, 11:20am CST by fc1afd77 in Other

Auto And General - Mr

Posted: 30th of Sep, 2011, 2:04pm CDT by bab75a08 in Other

Eezi Movers - Unprofessional, no feedback, ineffcient

Posted: 5th of Apr, 2011, 4:31pm CDT by 7706ece7 in Other

van Reyneveld Bhika Scott inc. - Attempting to Extort Money by Attorney S. Bhika

Posted: 26th of Mar, 2011, 2:19am CDT by 801c5633 in Other

Supermaids - Supermaids steal money, clothes and jewellery from clients

Posted: 8th of Mar, 2011, 2:50am CST by 161c8e01 in Other

Munnik Basson Dagama Inc - Munnik Basson Dagama Inc - Truworths account

Posted: 23rd of Oct, 2010, 5:28am CDT by 7803cdcd in Other

Jet Stores - Refund

Posted: 14th of Jul, 2010, 8:34pm CDT by a924e06d in Other

Inspectacar Morgan Motors endorsed by Wesbank - Car breaks after 3 weeks & fob off from Manager

Posted: 6th of Jun, 2010, 12:12pm CDT by 6f9f4f13 in Other

Municipal Councillor's Pension Fund - MCPF, ABOVE THE LAW??

Posted: 2nd of May, 2010, 5:10am CDT by 22ecfa3d in Other

South African Airways - SAA Service??

Posted: 25th of Feb, 2010, 1:42pm CST by 4e8b114b in Other


Posted: 26th of Dec, 2008, 7:31am CST by 5794a956 in Other


Posted: 17th of Oct, 2008, 6:34am CDT by 99889e35 in Other

Tata South Africa - TATA ; The customer is always wrong

Posted: 2nd of Oct, 2008, 10:11am CDT by 661e48d7 in Other

Virgin Spa Hatfield - Facial Breakout - Incorrect Product Usage

Posted: 6th of Jan, 2008, 1:17pm CST by df057ba5 in Other

Ciao Baby Greenstone Shopping Centre - Bad food - Worse service

Posted: 12th of Nov, 2007, 11:15am CST by 314420c4 in Other

Hyundai South Africa - Hyundai Aftersales Standards

Posted: 11th of Nov, 2007, 1:13am CST by f832a94d in Other
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