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Supermaids - Supermaids steal money, clothes and jewellery from clients

Posted: 8th of Mar, 2011, 2:50am CST by 161c8e01 in Other

Virgin Mobile - Customer Service

Posted: 24th of Feb, 2011, 2:18pm CST by 3115ef9a in Telecommunications

Game - Service

Posted: 19th of Jan, 2011, 11:49pm CST by d96e862b in Other

Multichoice - Multichoice suspending service with debit order in place

Posted: 30th of Nov, 2010, 1:16am CST by 16e43336 in Other

vee's video - vee's video lakeside

Posted: 24th of Nov, 2010, 6:52am CST by 23830fe3 in Other

MTN - MTN poor customer service

Posted: 28th of Oct, 2010, 1:12pm CDT by 9bd5e914 in Other

Big boy scooter - Big Boy scooter

Posted: 25th of Oct, 2010, 11:43am CDT by 6a5498b3 in Other

Munnik Basson Dagama Inc - Munnik Basson Dagama Inc - Truworths account

Posted: 23rd of Oct, 2010, 5:28am CDT by 7803cdcd in Other

King Pie - Bad Service From King Pie

Posted: 27th of Sep, 2010, 12:17am CDT by d100cabd in Other

SelectOnline -

Posted: 13th of Sep, 2010, 1:27am CDT by 2637a7cc in Other

Hi-Fi Corporation - Damaged item

Posted: 23rd of Aug, 2010, 6:53am CDT by a580ff65 in Other

Holiday 365 - BAD SERVICE

Posted: 18th of Aug, 2010, 2:58am CDT by 5baeb61f in Other

Iburst - Unfair practice by Iburst (

Posted: 16th of Aug, 2010, 3:32pm CDT by 7b6ee657 in Other

Global Visas - Global Visas Cape Town

Posted: 13th of Aug, 2010, 2:00am CDT by f77e1bb9 in Other

Jet Stores - Refund

Posted: 14th of Jul, 2010, 8:34pm CDT by a924e06d in Other

Damelin - appalling service

Posted: 6th of Jul, 2010, 12:31am CDT by 1eed1059 in Other

Emirates - Engine Failure of Emirates Aircraft

Posted: 23rd of Jun, 2010, 5:54am CDT by 06ad34da in Other
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