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Kirkland, Washington, United States

Cen Com Inc - Avoid this fradulent company

Posted: 8th of Dec, 2013, 4:40pm CST by Rajesh R. in Products, Services

Firestone Coplete Auto Care - automotive

Posted: 15th of Mar, 2011, 2:51pm CDT by 8a2d42de in Other

SaveOnMyAlarm, American Digital, Alarms - Purchased items charged again

Posted: 31st of Aug, 2010, 11:27am CDT by 7d480d95 in Other

Clearwire Corporation / - PUBLIC SERVICE NOTICE: BEWARE of!

Posted: 28th of Aug, 2010, 6:24pm CDT by c47d212d in Other

Chase Bank - $6.00 Fee for Bank Statement

Posted: 17th of Jul, 2010, 10:41am CDT by 925c2fcf in Other

Verizon - Poor customer service from Verizon

Posted: 22nd of Jun, 2010, 7:36pm CDT by f9efcc97 in Other

Market Leader/House Values/Just Listed - referrals rip off

Posted: 27th of Nov, 2009, 3:07pm CST by 46932efd in Other

Dollar Alarm (Alarm Services) - Dollar Alarm

Posted: 29th of Jul, 2009, 4:01pm CDT by 8f4965ef in Other - - Horrible company - STAY AWAY !!

Posted: 5th of Jul, 2008, 8:09am CDT by 7b16dab9 in Other

Gold's Gym kirkland - Gold's gym in kirkland

Posted: 19th of May, 2008, 1:35pm CDT by 222ae2d2 in Other

Perfect Match - Online dating rip-off

Posted: 13th of Apr, 2008, 9:13pm CDT by 6a5944d8 in Internet Services

Lighting Universe - No lamp, but I have to pay for the bulbs?

Posted: 13th of Feb, 2008, 5:10pm CST by 9aab3cb2 in Other


Posted: 18th of Dec, 2007, 2:44pm CST by 2d8c82c4 in Other

PerfectMatch - PerfectMatch: Money for Nothing

Posted: 18th of Nov, 2007, 3:35am CST by c9ffc44b in Other

Bikini Beach - A Complaint for Bikini beach

Posted: 7th of Aug, 2006, 1:52am CDT by 3b62ad9b in Online Shopping
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