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Hampton, Virginia, United States

Tino & Help Services, LLC - Don't Use This Moving Co

Posted: 19th of Apr, 2013, 6:17pm CDT by 8b9864f3 in Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Newport News - Fraudulent Charges

Posted: 25th of Jan, 2012, 5:23pm CST by f65a5656 in Other

Spiegel - Don't waste your money with Spiegel

Posted: 23rd of Jan, 2012, 11:04am CST by c898b959 in Other

Spiegel - Spiegel files bankruptcy & opens under new name

Posted: 11th of Jul, 2011, 9:51am CDT by d698452b in Other

Spiegel - Return Refund

Posted: 8th of Jun, 2011, 6:47pm CDT by 8cf0bc49 in Other

Newport News - Newport News - solution to horrid customer service

Posted: 31st of Jan, 2010, 4:36pm CST by 5f732945 in Other

Newport News - Order Frustration

Posted: 11th of Nov, 2009, 9:57am CST by eab52506 in Other

Newport News

Posted: 2nd of Nov, 2009, 5:12pm CST by f57c5b1c in Other - Newport-News/Spiegel Brands Commits Fraud and Gets Away With It!

Posted: 14th of Sep, 2009, 4:49pm CDT by a7b516b8 in Other

Newport News - Newport News online clothing store scams loyal customers on promotional codes

Posted: 19th of Sep, 2008, 12:12pm CDT by 1fc4eadf in Other

Newport News - No ImmediateOrder Confirmations w/o full Item#s

Posted: 11th of Jun, 2008, 4:49pm CDT by 1494687f in Other
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