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Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States

Shell Gas - Gas

Posted: 4th of Mar, 2013, 11:49am CST by 0fcbb763 in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Sleep Number - Poor Delivery and Customer Service

Posted: 15th of Nov, 2012, 8:06pm CST by Tony O. in Furniture

World's Best Custom Fitted Bras - World's WORST Bra

Posted: 25th of Nov, 2011, 2:34pm CST by a7ec6671 in Other

Virginia Water Gardens - pond cleaning/landscape

Posted: 24th of Apr, 2011, 2:07am CDT by ad9eca45 in Other

Pohanka Nissan of Fredericksburg - Avoid Pohanka Nissan of Fredericksburg

Posted: 2nd of Feb, 2011, 11:41am CST by a48760a8 in Other

Resmedin Nutraceuticals - No Refund

Posted: 16th of Dec, 2008, 2:25pm CST by d7c03856 in Other

NAS Granite - NAS Granite. Dishonest, unreliable, Hideous quality workmanship

Posted: 7th of Sep, 2008, 7:53pm CDT by 71ce98fd in Other

Dry Clean Outlet Systems - I have been ripped off

Posted: 18th of Feb, 2008, 7:31pm CST by 2af044db in Other
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