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Plano, Texas, United States

Lam Facial Plastics - Botched Plastic Surgery

Posted: 3rd of Jun, 2010, 3:08am CDT by 1449445d in Other

Lam Facial Plastics - Botched Plastic Surgery by Dr. Samuel Lam for a hefty price!

Posted: 30th of May, 2010, 3:34pm CDT by a77ea678 in Other

Buy The Stars - Order Not Received

Posted: 2nd of Apr, 2010, 3:14pm CDT by d37cd78a in Other

Lam Facial Plastics - Botched Plastic Surgery by Dr. Samuel Lam in Plano, TX

Posted: 19th of Feb, 2010, 4:43am CST by 1449445d in Other

Viewpoint Bank - Bank compromises account data

Posted: 18th of Dec, 2009, 1:36pm CST by e06cb45e in Other

LIVINGSTON - New Management Sucks and Rude

Posted: 3rd of Dec, 2009, 4:10pm CST by 8517a381 in Other

Eleaseproperties - Texas Real Estate Commission Disciplinary Action against Amber Michelle Brown and Jonathan Jason Brown

Posted: 2nd of Dec, 2009, 10:31pm CST by 2de4f336 in Other

Global Communication Technologies, Inc. - HEWLETT PACKARD MONEY GRUBBERS

Posted: 5th of Nov, 2009, 4:06pm CST by 32a111b0 in Other


Posted: 23rd of Oct, 2009, 2:15pm CDT by bd0d1703 in Other

Prestonwood Imaging - Prestonwood Imaging office manager lied about medical records.

Posted: 13th of Sep, 2009, 11:35am CDT by d2f1e9a7 in Other

TruckStuff USA - The NO service specialists

Posted: 16th of Feb, 2009, 9:46am CST by a88a7ea8 in Other

Be-dazzled - Be-dazzled means Be-wildered

Posted: 29th of Jan, 2009, 3:09pm CST by 7e545b3b in Other

Wolf Camera - Wolf Camera Bait & Switch

Posted: 9th of Sep, 2008, 5:56pm CDT by 9323fc82 in Other

eCost - Warranty NOT accepted

Posted: 29th of Aug, 2008, 2:57pm CDT by 72ec4f06 in Other

eCost - horrible customer service

Posted: 7th of May, 2008, 5:48pm CDT by 8b6cdfb6 in Other - - ignores repeated requests to resolve product issues

Posted: 28th of Mar, 2008, 9:47pm CDT by 48bc1d21 in Other

UPS - UPS Driver Should Look for New Employment

Posted: 10th of Feb, 2008, 7:08pm CST by 71acfe11 in Other

The Preserve At Arbor Hills, Plano TX - The Preserve At Arbor Hills- Bad Management!

Posted: 20th of Dec, 2007, 7:33pm CST by 7c98055c in Other

Direct Buy - Direct Buy is a joke

Posted: 19th of Dec, 2007, 12:22pm CST by 59eb25b9 in Other

1 Stop Pool and Spa Store - Bad Pool Job

Posted: 6th of Oct, 2007, 8:36pm CDT by 4d7ab876 in Building, Construction
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