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Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Comcast Cable - Comcase Billing : Marketing Trick

Posted: 9th of Sep, 2009, 12:52pm CDT by 5f671f5a in Other

Federal Express - Delivery failure

Posted: 14th of Aug, 2009, 1:34am CDT by d7a88ee7 in Other

FedEx - FedEx Employs Thieves

Posted: 27th of Jul, 2009, 9:48am CDT by b2b2a233 in Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Merry Maids Corporate office - The worst customer service ever! Think twice before using Merry Maids

Posted: 18th of Jan, 2009, 7:39pm CST by 84d8ce64 in Other

Harmony - HIGH interest

Posted: 14th of Dec, 2008, 8:19pm CST by 8342e5ff in Other

Ministers In A Minute / Vintage Auto

Posted: 7th of Aug, 2008, 5:14pm CDT by d958d607 in Other

ARS Service Express (Houston, Texas) - ARS Service Express - Price Gouger

Posted: 27th of May, 2008, 6:44pm CDT by d5c32022 in Other

alleid health selmedica - tinnitis

Posted: 25th of Mar, 2008, 11:21am CDT by fd4f753e in Other

Comcast - Comcast Cable's Deceptive Business Practices

Posted: 11th of Mar, 2008, 7:24am CDT by bf3678f0 in Other

LaptopsForLess - Advertising Brand Batteries but Selling Generic

Posted: 30th of Jan, 2008, 9:23am CST by 605407bc in Other

Federal Express - Federal Express Aggressive Collection

Posted: 11th of Jan, 2008, 3:28pm CST by 55be866f in Other

Fedex Federal Express - Poor Customer Service Claims Department

Posted: 6th of Dec, 2007, 4:30pm CST by 79f5715f in Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Enterprise Rent A Car - Enterprise made me miss my flight

Posted: 1st of Nov, 2007, 8:11am CDT by 70713684 in Other


Posted: 20th of Sep, 2007, 11:05am CDT by 4d728426 in Other
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