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New York, United States - Page 38 - Great place to find clothing coupons

Posted: 29th of May, 2013, 4:35am CDT by Andrea H. in Online Shopping

Flatbush Addiction Treatment Center

Posted: 26th of May, 2013, 6:06pm CDT by 70da8344 in Other

Blush Kids, Inc. - Will Not Refund for Dress They Did Not Have

Posted: 12th of May, 2013, 11:56am CDT by Cynthia H. in Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Acordia Theraputics - drug company cancels public presentations

Posted: 8th of May, 2013, 7:16pm CDT by Steve S. in Health, Beauty

FundingStage - Upfront Fee Warning

Posted: 2nd of May, 2013, 6:22am CDT by Marcus W. in Business, Finances

Jim Murphy Buick GMC - Damaged Molding

Posted: 20th of Apr, 2013, 11:11am CDT by Walter K. in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

HAIER AMERICA - Haier Washing Machine

Posted: 17th of Apr, 2013, 2:18pm CDT by Steve S. in Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Target - Poor Customer Service

Posted: 27th of Mar, 2013, 6:20am CDT by 547dd897 in Stores, Shopping

ARTLOOK, inc Wedding Photography - Wedding Photography

Posted: 25th of Mar, 2013, 8:57pm CDT by Bixi A. in Wedding Services

Sam's Club - Beware of the LIES

Posted: 25th of Mar, 2013, 2:00pm CDT by 547dd897 in Food

Barnes And Noble - HORRIBLE Customer Service and Liars

Posted: 12th of Mar, 2013, 11:20am CDT by Robert B. in Books

Audio depot - bad work done by Hershy Brach

Posted: 26th of Feb, 2013, 12:44pm CST by Chris c. in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles - Knowingly sells damaged appliances as new

Posted: 16th of Feb, 2013, 12:56am CST by John R. in Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Ventura Associates International LLC - Ventura Associates sends false prize communications in Disney contest

Posted: 14th of Feb, 2013, 9:07pm CST by 5f21fc51 in Other

Herman Conklin - Herman Conklin Complaint-Ran off with money & did not finish Job!

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2013, 11:40am CST by Sharon R. in Building, Construction

Apple Store Crossgates - Apple can not prepare a simple paper

Posted: 11th of Feb, 2013, 5:19pm CST by 19604252 in Products, Services

Daley Oil Service - Daley Oil No Longer Values Long Time Customers

Posted: 11th of Feb, 2013, 6:14am CST by 547dd897 in Other - Never Received My Orders From

Posted: 10th of Feb, 2013, 3:01am CST by Jose O. in Health, Beauty

Universal Lighting Inc. - Fraud and Poor Customer Service

Posted: 5th of Feb, 2013, 8:50pm CST by marcia e. in Home, Garden
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