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Cornelius, North Carolina, United States

Tech Value Direct - SCAM-RIPOFF

Posted: 13th of Nov, 2012, 2:48pm CST by Mark in Computers, Software - Suspicious software and cannot get refund for it!

Posted: 8th of Nov, 2012, 9:58pm CST by Selena in Computers, Software

Tech Value Direct - - stealing money

Posted: 6th of Jun, 2012, 4:42pm CDT by 69d5f299 in Online Shopping

Tech Value Direct - Tech Value Direct - SCAM ALERT!

Posted: 28th of Feb, 2012, 10:22am CST by 81f89ba1 in Other

Moffett Donna CPA - Dishonest CPA Donna Moffet committed Fraud, Negligence and Misconduct

Posted: 17th of Aug, 2010, 10:55am CDT by 0411ccd6 in Other
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