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Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States

Sears Protection Company - No refrigerator going on 11 days

Posted: 30th of Jul, 2008, 8:37pm CDT by 7cc41a86 in Other

Sears - Sears Internet/Store fiasco

Posted: 29th of Jul, 2008, 10:42am CDT by cbc675d5 in Other

Sears - Sears warranted air conditioning out of service since 5/10/2008; house 100 degrees

Posted: 21st of Jul, 2008, 12:01pm CDT by cea3af5b in Other

Sears - Lack of service

Posted: 10th of Jul, 2008, 3:36pm CDT by a11658ab in Other

Kemore/Sears - Kemore 12 Cup Coffeemaker

Posted: 7th of Jun, 2008, 4:34pm CDT by 43a37580 in Other

Sears - Sears Television

Posted: 23rd of Apr, 2008, 12:05pm CDT by 08a5f335 in Other

Sears - Sears Rebate Fiasco

Posted: 19th of Feb, 2008, 6:50pm CST by a3e4948d in Other

A&E Factory Service - A & E Factory Service / Whirlpool service plan contractor / Sears Holdings TERRIBLE NO SHOW APPOINTMENT

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2008, 5:52pm CST by 250239cd in Other

Sears National Customer Relations - Kenmore Refrigerator Causes House Fire

Posted: 9th of Feb, 2008, 11:50am CST by d7180a26 in Other

Sears - Sears continues to charge us; without us ever receiving Clothes Dryer

Posted: 22nd of Jan, 2008, 11:40am CST by 9ce45223 in Other

Sear's - Sear's Poor Warranty Service

Posted: 3rd of Jan, 2008, 12:36pm CST by 808bba1a in Other - customer service

Posted: 27th of Dec, 2007, 3:21pm CST by 7c7baeb4 in Other

Sears Roebuck, Co., Sears Holding Corporation - Sears - pathetic service

Posted: 5th of Dec, 2007, 4:36pm CST by 5f459caa in Other

Sears - Extended Warranty NOT!!!!

Posted: 28th of Nov, 2007, 7:04pm CST by dc596674 in Other

Sears, Sears Holding, - Sears & Overall a Terrible Company

Posted: 15th of Nov, 2007, 12:14pm CST by 95db5a6b in Other

Sears Holding Corporation - Sears Gross Incompetence

Posted: 13th of Nov, 2007, 3:30pm CST by 3d3fb65b in Other

Sears - Sears Does NOT Deliver

Posted: 11th of Nov, 2007, 6:04pm CST by c0523d09 in Other

Sears - If you don't buy the warranty, the treat you like dirt

Posted: 1st of Nov, 2007, 3:32pm CDT by 3789b062 in Other

Sears - Sears customer dis-service

Posted: 31st of Oct, 2007, 2:53pm CDT by f87d6e8e in Other

Sears, Roebuck & Co. - Sears Online Ordering Useless

Posted: 12th of Oct, 2007, 10:14pm CDT by 74523e39 in Other
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