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Chicago, Illinois, United States - Page 5 - Fraudulant Credit Card Charges

Posted: 25th of Aug, 2010, 5:27pm CDT by 783d30ae in Other

Nationwide Transit - Damaged Vehicle

Posted: 16th of Jul, 2010, 10:17pm CDT by 2cdd1d24 in Other

Megabus - Megabus fine priint

Posted: 14th of Jul, 2010, 7:06pm CDT by 86b65d0f in Other

Date and Dash - Speed Dating Scam

Posted: 18th of Jun, 2010, 6:42pm CDT by cdc103d4 in Other

Back to Bed - Back to Bed Scan

Posted: 16th of Jun, 2010, 5:11pm CDT by b9ab9f21 in Other

Xpress Loan Servicing - Xpress Loan Servicing FAILS at Customer Service

Posted: 1st of Jun, 2010, 10:16am CDT by bf27e901 in Other

Boylan Media Management - Anthony Burke Boylan Media Management is a SCAM ARTIST

Posted: 19th of May, 2010, 4:19pm CDT by 8233f012 in Other

People Gas - People Gas Penalize Customers Who Die

Posted: 17th of May, 2010, 11:20am CDT by 60ad2f42 in Other

Equinox Chicago - DO NOT USE Equinox Chicago

Posted: 14th of Apr, 2010, 10:24pm CDT by 47e6017d in Other

Rogers Park Fruit Market - Lack of respect for the customer

Posted: 10th of Apr, 2010, 11:05am CDT by 8ca6dd89 in Other

HighBeam Reasearch - Highbeam Research Auto-Renewal

Posted: 12th of Mar, 2010, 9:52am CST by 5393e673 in Other

interstate banker - interstate banker scams

Posted: 3rd of Mar, 2010, 1:15pm CST by 572fcf82 in Other

transmission 4 less - engine swap disaster

Posted: 2nd of Mar, 2010, 4:01pm CST by f311ceed in Other

Crystal Flower Shop - Flower Shop

Posted: 19th of Feb, 2010, 10:53am CST by 33506453 in Other

Sears Home Improvement Services - sears HVAC horrible

Posted: 16th of Feb, 2010, 9:42am CST by f59db862 in Other

Resurrection Hospital - Surgical error

Posted: 28th of Jan, 2010, 10:28pm CST by 732c7b81 in Other

United Airlines - UNITED AIRLINES ARE A JOKE!!!!!!!

Posted: 15th of Jan, 2010, 1:41pm CST by 24b09d6a in Other

Animal Care and Control - Poor service and Incompitent/misleading advisors

Posted: 9th of Jan, 2010, 11:05am CST by 7e13a971 in Other
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