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Iowa, United States

Deceptive Advertising / Fraud

Posted: 2nd of Sep, 2009, 9:49am CDT by 8b07baa6 in Other

phillips66conoco76 - unfair practices

Posted: 1st of Aug, 2009, 4:06pm CDT by 9664e03f in Other

Target - Refusing to honor ad price

Posted: 20th of Jul, 2009, 2:57pm CDT by bb663b8e in Other


Posted: 16th of Jul, 2009, 5:09am CDT by c8ea0d38 in Other

Dazzle White Pro

Posted: 10th of Jul, 2009, 9:07am CDT by f3b0e507 in Other


Posted: 12th of Jun, 2009, 2:05pm CDT by d450610a in Other

Allied Waste Services - Unethical business practices

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2009, 9:17am CST by 8702fc16 in Other

American Home Shield - American Home Shield lack of service

Posted: 9th of Feb, 2009, 3:35pm CST by dc9eb4a7 in Other

Primus - No respect for customer and take advantage

Posted: 15th of Nov, 2008, 9:28am CST by cf2d02f7 in Other

Proactive Solutions

Posted: 11th of Nov, 2008, 9:17am CST by 854a95ef in Other

Gourmet Magazine - Fraudulent demand for payment and threats

Posted: 27th of Oct, 2008, 7:19pm CDT by 425edbca in Other

GMAC Mortgage - GMAC Cheats Customers!!

Posted: 9th of Sep, 2008, 10:01pm CDT by fb67d5b8 in Other

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc - Wells Fargo Final Esrow Disbursement

Posted: 28th of Jul, 2008, 2:14pm CDT by 71759e82 in Other

Guthy Renker - Bad Product/Continued Billing After Cancellation

Posted: 30th of Jun, 2008, 5:10pm CDT by 9b6cbeb1 in Other - X-Treme XA-750 not working

Posted: 29th of Jun, 2008, 7:48pm CDT by d1b07dcc in Other

american home shield - home warranty

Posted: 18th of Jun, 2008, 5:06pm CDT by 52ea9936 in Other

Glen Wooldridge

Posted: 12th of Mar, 2008, 11:09pm CDT by fe453f76 in Other

Best Buy - Best Buy was a Bad Buy

Posted: 27th of Dec, 2007, 3:34pm CST by dd9d14d1 in Other

Innova, INC - Innova out of Business according to HSN, All Ultrex Warranty are NOT supported

Posted: 19th of Oct, 2007, 3:50pm CDT by 10c8727e in Other

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Wells Fargo...Worst customer service I have ever experienced

Posted: 5th of Oct, 2007, 10:02am CDT by b287f6cf in Other
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