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Athens, Georgia, United States


Posted: 7th of Mar, 2011, 10:11pm CST by f1021cd3 in Other


Posted: 4th of Oct, 2009, 9:44am CDT by 6dad877a in Stores, Shopping

Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin - Edward Allen, Jr of Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin ( Services Terminated by Client Following Unprofessional Correspondence

Posted: 14th of Aug, 2009, 1:58pm CDT by 167cd9e8 in Law, Civil Rights

Covenant Global, LLC. - Please Read This Before Paying Any Money to Robert Holland of Covenant Global. He's a Thief!

Posted: 3rd of Feb, 2009, 5:24pm CST by Martin N. in Other

Bodyplex - Bodyplex Athens Georgia ripping off members

Posted: 6th of Nov, 2008, 9:03am CST by 5ad96f84 in Other

Athens First Bank and Trust - Athens First Bank and Trust in it for the money

Posted: 24th of Oct, 2008, 1:18pm CDT by dccc911c in Other

Charter comm. has to be the worst of the bad

Posted: 30th of Jul, 2008, 3:38pm CDT by e69185f8 in Other

Mr. Transmission - Mr. Transmission service could get you killed

Posted: 10th of Apr, 2008, 9:13am CDT by 0e8e3f21 in Other

OMNI Health Club - OMNI Health Club refusal to terminate 30 day trial

Posted: 8th of Nov, 2007, 7:36pm CST by 99c988bc in Other

Barrett Dodge - Barrett Dodge, Athens, Georgia - After purchasing my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee I was ecstatic. Until 1 month later when the check engine light came on and the Jeep would not start properly. After making an appt. to get it checked out & to get an oil change

Posted: 23rd of Nov, 2004, 12:00am CST by 241dd25c in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles
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