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Sarasota, Florida, United States

Quest Diagnostics - Quest Diagnostics Sleaze

Posted: 22nd of Nov, 2013, 12:38pm CST by Chaz D. in Products, Services

Affordable Appliance Repair - AFFORDABLE APPLIANCE REPAIR

Posted: 7th of Jan, 2013, 8:31pm CST by 1a837c98 in Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Midas - Waiting Time

Posted: 4th of Dec, 2012, 4:30pm CST by 63a5ce40 in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

MyUS / Access USA - MyUS took unauthorized charges from my card!

Posted: 18th of Apr, 2012, 9:20am CDT by 6cba96f6 in Other

The Swimming Solution - Order not sent

Posted: 24th of Jun, 2011, 10:13am CDT by 4c28d73d in Other

Gregg Horowitz - Gregg Horowitz attorny at law ????????

Posted: 18th of May, 2011, 2:12pm CDT by b18c19b7 in Other

SAVON FURNITURE & BEDDING - Power reclining chair warranty service

Posted: 3rd of Apr, 2011, 12:58am CDT by 43826adf in Other

Burger King - Slow service and horrible food safety

Posted: 3rd of Sep, 2010, 11:46am CDT by 23cb4609 in Other

D & D Garage Doors - D & D Garage Doors - most disrespectful company I have ever dealt with.

Posted: 19th of Jun, 2010, 8:27am CDT by 83e0831e in Other

John Lubbehusen - defective boat

Posted: 12th of Oct, 2009, 9:50am CDT by e49741a9 in Other

Grand Incentives - Grand Incentives Scam

Posted: 22nd of Sep, 2009, 2:50am CDT by bd82bdea in Other

George Lecker - Comcast Lies

Posted: 2nd of Sep, 2009, 10:23pm CDT by 5b2162a9 in Other

Baer's Furniture - Flunk Beds

Posted: 9th of Jul, 2009, 7:20pm CDT by 486d97a6 in Other

Michael Lee - Investment retirement money

Posted: 26th of Oct, 2008, 7:20pm CDT by ea30e068 in Other

Savon Furniture Bradenton - Savon Furniture / Kane Furniture are big cheats

Posted: 5th of May, 2008, 10:31am CDT by 3e0dcd66 in Other

Lowes - Lowes / pressure washer

Posted: 21st of Apr, 2008, 11:59am CDT by f99a6dbf in Other

Great Gateways - Grand Incentives - Great Gateways - Grand Incentives Inc SCAM

Posted: 10th of Jan, 2008, 2:54pm CST by 7fecc24d in Other
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