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Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Suncoast Credit Union - Worse Banking Experience Of My Life Over & Over Again

Posted: 15th of Apr, 2014, 12:15pm CDT by James Reardon in Business, Finances

Comcast - Office manager

Posted: 16th of Jul, 2013, 11:12am CDT by Tracy M. in Products, Services

U-Haul - Faulty Moving Truck Experience

Posted: 22nd of Jun, 2012, 2:14pm CDT by 25df3c3b in Other

Service Star - Service Star Technician Lies

Posted: 17th of Sep, 2011, 5:59pm CDT by 9617de78 in Other

Golf & Electric Vehicles - GE Vehicles & TNT 300 TERRIBLE SERVICE

Posted: 15th of Sep, 2011, 1:07pm CDT by a3cd9d3b in Other

unique 2 beauty supplies - unique 2 beauty supplies-ft myers fl-complaint

Posted: 6th of Mar, 2011, 8:31pm CST by 2f9629cb in Other

All My Sons Moving of Fort Myers - All My Sons Moving of Fort Myers. Avoid! Stolen items, inflated prices and bad business practices.

Posted: 9th of Mar, 2010, 11:03am CST by 895950ea in Other

Sony Electronics - Another Defective Sony Grand Wega TV

Posted: 8th of Mar, 2010, 3:10pm CST by b731de31 in Other

American Signature Furniture - American Signature Furniture Delivers Damaged Furniture

Posted: 29th of Nov, 2008, 4:54pm CST by 27f34cf7 in Other

Florida Leather Gallery - Customer Service

Posted: 14th of Oct, 2008, 8:53am CDT by 77c14f17 in Other

Sony Electronics Inc. - Refused to honor recall

Posted: 14th of Jan, 2008, 12:10pm CST by 188edd1f in Other

Palm City Plumbing - Overcharges

Posted: 11th of Oct, 2007, 9:57am CDT by 53d4525f in Other
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