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Casselberry, Florida, United States

Creative Floors - Poor Customer Service

Posted: 25th of Jul, 2013, 5:47pm CDT by Jill P. in Home, Garden

global enrgy org - abusive bad place to work scams consumers

Posted: 29th of Mar, 2011, 7:59pm CDT by 69674b37 in Other

Richart Landscaping - Bad Seed in a Pretty Good Landscaping Company

Posted: 5th of Jul, 2010, 12:24am CDT by ab50da6d in Other

Gembecki Mechanical Services, Inc.

Posted: 10th of Sep, 2009, 1:36pm CDT by 5a2570fa in Other

Talent Packaging Image Marketing - Talent Packaging and Lewis Zarel (Lewis Leraz) are Frauds

Posted: 29th of Oct, 2008, 2:17pm CDT by 6cc4ac3f in Other

Talent Packaging (TM) - Lewis Zarel and

Posted: 21st of Oct, 2008, 2:53pm CDT by 6cc4ac3f in Other

Sun State Trees and Property Maintenance - Do Your Homework

Posted: 17th of Aug, 2008, 9:40pm CDT by 7d821dd5 in Other

Elite Products & Technologies - WHO CARES?!?!

Posted: 31st of Jan, 2008, 10:29am CST by b89b208d in Other

A 1 Auto Transport - A 1 Auto Transport, Casselberry, FL - paid $ 650 for auto transport - vehicle not delivered on time as promised

Posted: 13th of Jul, 2003, 12:00am CDT by 6c472fe3 in Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Kanes Furniture - Kanes Furniture, Casselberry, FL - told store at time of purchase that wanted to pick up furniture, but furiture was delivered anway - then told $ 50 delivery charge would be waived, but it wasn't - still don't have furniture as a result

Posted: 20th of Nov, 2002, 12:00am CST by 0509854c in Stores, Shopping
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