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Wallingford, Connecticut, United States

monica LLC AKA omega stores - Rip off

Posted: 24th of Sep, 2013, 2:49pm CDT by Mike N. in Online Scams

Perfect Meatloaf - Perfect Meatloaf TV Ad

Posted: 24th of Jun, 2011, 1:16pm CDT by c06b22f2 in Other

Great American Peek-A-Boo Birdhouse - Scammed by Peek-A-Boo Birdhouse!!!

Posted: 24th of Feb, 2011, 12:52pm CST by ee2802d8 in Other

Omega Stores - Electric Bike

Posted: 3rd of Sep, 2010, 9:26am CDT by 287f6980 in Other


Posted: 28th of May, 2010, 12:21pm CDT by 14fb3a0e in Other

Topsy Turvey - Don't buy Topsy Turvey online or by phone !!!

Posted: 10th of May, 2010, 5:48pm CDT by 2d775ec5 in Other

Twin Draft Guard

Posted: 7th of Dec, 2009, 4:31pm CST by 2ab055f8 in Other

Power Juicer ?? - Jack Lalanne

Posted: 16th of Nov, 2009, 11:46pm CST by 3b33016f in Other

Tristar Products - Refund

Posted: 1st of Nov, 2009, 11:02pm CST by 9b273977 in Other

Calcagni Real Estate - Michael Beach - worthless Calcagni realtor

Posted: 13th of Feb, 2009, 3:19pm CST by d1b71a86 in Other

Eagle Eye - Do not buy Patch Perfect Grass Seed

Posted: 17th of Sep, 2008, 10:27am CDT by a53f7dc4 in Other

Thermospas - Thermospas hot tub nightmare

Posted: 15th of Sep, 2008, 4:30pm CDT by d7051014 in Other

Father & Son Moving & Storage

Posted: 30th of Jul, 2008, 8:17pm CDT by 3585b6bc in Other

Merchandise Direct - False advertising

Posted: 21st of Jul, 2008, 11:56am CDT by e8099a81 in Other

Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree

Posted: 14th of Jul, 2008, 7:27pm CDT by d78db54a in Other

tristar - tristar products

Posted: 14th of Apr, 2008, 9:11am CDT by 55235785 in Other

home depot - Home Depot, Wallingford CT - Cabinets

Posted: 26th of Mar, 2008, 1:43pm CDT by 3eea196e in Other

Verizon Wireless - Verizon One Bill fraud

Posted: 25th of Mar, 2008, 1:45pm CDT by a61939b7 in Other

TriStar Products - TriStar Products-Jack LaLanne Juicer

Posted: 15th of Feb, 2008, 7:03am CST by 5fecf25a in Other

Omega Stores - Omega Stores - Big hustle!

Posted: 4th of Oct, 2006, 12:00am CDT by 07d39a05 in Stores, Shopping
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