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Sprint - Change of ownership - BAD SERVICE from the Philippines Representatives

Posted: 7th of Nov, 2013, 6:48pm CST by Lilly E. in Telecommunications

Fairway House Cleaning and Carpet Care - Yelp assigned this business a ONE STAR for good reason...

Posted: 1st of Mar, 2013, 2:26pm CST by Mark A. in Home, Garden - Paid & Received No Items

Posted: 16th of Jan, 2013, 4:32am CST by Soraya V. in Online Shopping

Geico General Insurance Company - Auto Insurance Fraud

Posted: 8th of Dec, 2012, 8:59am CST by Thomas L. in Products, Services

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. - Toyota Sienna Door Weld Failure

Posted: 18th of Jul, 2012, 4:29pm CDT by 2eff8dbb in Other

gerabbi - Beware Amazon

Posted: 22nd of Mar, 2012, 10:42am CDT by 202c4071 in Other

Eastbiz Corporation - Nightmare

Posted: 20th of Oct, 2011, 8:04am CDT by b3cda372 in Other

American Honda - Honda not honoring recalling defective component

Posted: 18th of Oct, 2011, 4:11pm CDT by 277e1b52 in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Toyota Motor Sales - Toyota Tacoma warranty buy back

Posted: 1st of May, 2011, 11:07am CDT by 57794d01 in Other

peter tryce of keller williams - real estate scam

Posted: 7th of Dec, 2010, 8:02am CST by de548708 in Other

Super Pages - Super Pages Scam

Posted: 15th of Nov, 2010, 2:07pm CST by 755d6c88 in Other

Honda Motor Co. - Honda 2001 Accord, severe clear coat flaking

Posted: 26th of Sep, 2010, 6:31pm CDT by ea65e0ae in Other


Posted: 9th of Sep, 2010, 1:17am CDT by b0cebff6 in Other

GOI Fulfillment - Total Bright Monthly

Posted: 2nd of Aug, 2010, 9:25am CDT by 3173c9f7 in Other

Transfer America - SCAM ALERT! Transfer America AKA Timeshare Relief

Posted: 11th of Jul, 2010, 12:12pm CDT by bffbbf68 in Other

Lexus - Total Engine Failure

Posted: 18th of Jan, 2010, 9:41pm CST by 9ae58b6b in Other

American Honda Motor Corp - Honda Navigation System 2010 Accord Not Accurate

Posted: 8th of Jan, 2010, 6:54am CST by 44b88585 in Other

TrendNet - Support is not responding

Posted: 18th of Dec, 2009, 12:37pm CST by 6ffb0110 in Other

Toyota Motor Sales U S A, Inc. - 2005 Toyota RAV4 Transmission Failure due to bad ECM

Posted: 22nd of Oct, 2009, 12:11pm CDT by bef075cc in Other

Hotel Guest Services - Hotel Guest services: save your money!

Posted: 21st of Oct, 2009, 7:56pm CDT by beadb007 in Hotels
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