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Moreno Valley, California, United States - Stole my money

Posted: 21st of Feb, 2013, 9:28pm CST by David G. in Computers, Software

Certified Tire - Certified Tire - Deceptive Business Practices

Posted: 10th of Aug, 2011, 10:17am CDT by 300de0d1 in Other

Altura Credit Union - Poorest customer service ever

Posted: 25th of Jun, 2010, 5:09pm CDT by c67bc3b2 in Other

Walgreens Pharmacy - Walgreens Extremely Bad Customer Service Experience

Posted: 1st of May, 2010, 10:09pm CDT by bde81789 in Other

Mawi Painting and Decor, Inc. - Mawi Painting is the worst

Posted: 23rd of Dec, 2009, 3:08pm CST by df9cc900 in Other

Texaco Xpress Lube - RUINED MY CAR

Posted: 21st of Jan, 2009, 2:18pm CST by dc395e3e in Other
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