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Chula Vista, California, United States

viking properties/byron j. peters. - tenant rights/habitability issues.

Posted: 29th of Apr, 2013, 11:54pm CDT by arthur l. in Law, Civil Rights

Hitachi Home Electronic Division - Hitachi America

Posted: 5th of Mar, 2012, 7:15pm CST by d22a5757 in Other

Jeromes - Jeromes Chula Vista

Posted: 1st of Feb, 2011, 2:58am CST by 5012265a in Other

UEI - United education Institute is a waste of your hard earned money!!!

Posted: 16th of Apr, 2010, 6:42pm CDT by ba975ec9 in Other

Selected Produce - Stay away from Selected Produce Chula Vista CA

Posted: 17th of Mar, 2010, 11:57am CDT by ee29424f in Other

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Enterprise Rent-A-Car Overcharge

Posted: 16th of Mar, 2010, 7:14pm CDT by 6b70a026 in Other

Hatachi - Product repair

Posted: 15th of Jan, 2010, 11:50am CST by 618ff86f in Other

Chevron Car Wash and Quick Lube at Eastlake - Arrogant Carwash

Posted: 15th of Sep, 2008, 5:11pm CDT by d2ec4750 in Other

Filippi's Pizza Grotto - Bad Service / Poor Management

Posted: 22nd of Jun, 2008, 1:01pm CDT by 4ab09798 in Other

Express Shuttle San Diego, Ca.

Posted: 3rd of Dec, 2007, 5:52pm CST by 68b32ce6 in Other
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