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The Villas Apartments - Villas Apartments refuse to pay reference fee

Posted: 4th of Aug, 2011, 8:26pm CDT by 5028979f in Other

Verizon - Verizon in line store service

Posted: 29th of Jul, 2011, 3:50pm CDT by 1194dd49 in Other

Sun Valley Towing/tim kunselman - Old man ripped for life saving

Posted: 16th of Jul, 2011, 3:25pm CDT by 67f8e16a in Other

Turbo Auto transport - bad service

Posted: 13th of Jul, 2011, 11:22am CDT by b9b2995a in Other

Hatfield Pet Specialties - Hatfield Toy 3/8 control collar

Posted: 9th of Jul, 2011, 7:56am CDT by 6d063150 in Other

Guy & Company AVEDA Concept Salon - Damaged hair and improper installation of hair extensions

Posted: 29th of Jun, 2011, 3:11pm CDT by Nichole J. in Other

Teleflora Inc. - Teleflora Does Not Deliver

Posted: 16th of May, 2011, 1:20pm CDT by 753ab378 in Other

Enterprise Floors - Enterprise Floors = Horrible Experience

Posted: 12th of May, 2011, 9:13am CDT by 2f71cdca in Other


Posted: 17th of Apr, 2011, 10:58am CDT by 6dcc4a27 in Other

Movie Work Casting Now - Fraud

Posted: 14th of Apr, 2011, 5:37pm CDT by fc3f6cab in Other - RXORDERNOW.COM **SCAM COMPANY**

Posted: 29th of Mar, 2011, 2:12pm CDT by 6676fd80 in Other

Excel Models (Little Rock) - AVOID EXCEL MODELS IN Little Rock, Arkansas

Posted: 23rd of Mar, 2011, 11:08am CDT by 1137d5c6 in Other

Excel Models (Little Rock) - AVOID EXCWL MODELS IN Little Rock, Arkansas

Posted: 23rd of Mar, 2011, 11:03am CDT by 1137d5c6 in Other

Walmart - TS5700-BLK Town Square Area Rug gives me heada

Posted: 22nd of Mar, 2011, 11:53pm CDT by d00e2ed4 in Other

Phoenix Financial Limited - Loan and escrow fraud

Posted: 15th of Mar, 2011, 5:03pm CDT by 78139813 in Other

Canopy Construction LLC - Crooks, Scam, Con Artists

Posted: 27th of Feb, 2011, 8:52pm CST by 8f20a77e in Other

Motel 6 - Motel 6 room guarantee worthless?

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2011, 8:22pm CST by 8b0e8605 in Other

Canopy Construction LLC - ATTENTION!!!! CON-ARTISTS!!!! CROOKS!!!!

Posted: 10th of Feb, 2011, 7:57pm CST by 8f20a77e in Other

Dell usiI just purchased 2 980 dell desktops. When i received the PCs they did not have but 2GB memory. I had requested 4GB. I contacted Dell and through a very lengthy process they shipped me refurbished memory. I have refused the refurbished memory a

Posted: 26th of Jan, 2011, 10:15am CST by 18638442 in Other
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