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Swiss International Airline - Swiss International Airline will be my last choice

Posted: 6th of Jan, 2012, 12:04pm CST by 4a0027e2 in Other - Poor dvd product & service

Posted: 14th of Sep, 2011, 10:20pm CDT by 3758ea19 in Other

Plantron,Inc Four Seasons Nursery - Plantron,Inc Four Seasons Nursery,House of Wesley

Posted: 6th of Sep, 2011, 2:05pm CDT by bdcc58a0 in Other


Posted: 7th of Jun, 2011, 7:41pm CDT by 39cd819b in Other - - DO NOT ORDER

Posted: 17th of May, 2011, 11:33pm CDT by 3a8fd2a8 in Other

British Airways

Posted: 3rd of Mar, 2011, 2:09am CST by 5adda58c in Other -

Posted: 14th of Jan, 2011, 6:26pm CST by e5c3fb65 in Other

Tom Barnett, Damiana Ionela Bou - Fraudelent Iphone 4 32 GB deal

Posted: 8th of Dec, 2010, 3:22am CST by fe45029f in Other


Posted: 15th of Oct, 2010, 2:12am CDT by b1bb3563 in Other

UPS Sucks

Posted: 15th of Aug, 2010, 9:42pm CDT by c2a8ae11 in Other

Fraud company

Posted: 3rd of Jun, 2010, 3:08am CDT by 0cfc7e5f in Other

Kenmore Refrigerator Fire

Posted: 6th of Apr, 2010, 11:05am CDT by b6ad7731 in Other

Jupiter - Madame Verdadera

Posted: 5th of Apr, 2010, 6:40pm CDT by 02f04225 in Other

8812 Verona Mckinney Texas

Posted: 19th of Sep, 2009, 11:33am CDT by bc4d50f8 in Other


Posted: 3rd of Sep, 2009, 4:51pm CDT by f504b57c in Other


Posted: 14th of Jul, 2009, 10:31am CDT by 35c2d483 in Other


Posted: 11th of Feb, 2009, 8:25am CST by dce1ae45 in Other

Harassing by barclay bank

Posted: 5th of Jan, 2009, 6:54am CST by af55e8bd in Other

Posted: 2nd of Dec, 2008, 2:47am CST by 389aefa5 in Other

ILD Teleservices Inc. - telephone wongful charge

Posted: 28th of Nov, 2008, 1:39pm CST by c16cb586 in Other
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