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Delhi, India

Holistik Pro Business Solutions - Holistik Pro Business Solutions is a fraud company

Posted: 2nd of Apr, 2014, 1:18pm CDT by Chitiz Ronnie in Products, Services

PACL INDIA LTD - refund the deposit

Posted: 15th of Jan, 2014, 11:16am CST by R B. in Business, Finances

Goibibo - Goibibo charges me for their mistake

Posted: 7th of Jan, 2014, 11:57am CST by c85a1345 in Travel, Vacations

Samsons Packers & Movers - Samsons Packers & Movers, Kapas Hera, Delhi India?s Number 1 Fraud Company

Posted: 4th of Jan, 2014, 2:50am CST by Girish K. in Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Applect Learning systems Pvt.Ltd. - CBSC Board Papers Class 12th Science Stream

Posted: 15th of Dec, 2013, 3:24am CST by Suresh K. in Education

HP - HP Laptop

Posted: 2nd of Dec, 2013, 12:34pm CST by Junaid N. in Other

Genpact - T-Shirt were not correctly embroided by Consortium Gifts.

Posted: 18th of Nov, 2013, 1:15am CST by Shweta s. in Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

investorslobby subhash nagar - is investorslobby fraud company? there is a complain against investors lobby

Posted: 6th of Oct, 2013, 2:27am CDT by vijay k. in Telemarketing

Itspossible privilege card - complain against fraud itspossible privilege card company

Posted: 5th of Oct, 2013, 11:34am CDT by 9ef3f613 in Telemarketing

MTNL Idgah Exchange Delhi - MTNL Idgah Exchange Delhi Service Review

Posted: 19th of Jul, 2013, 4:31am CDT by MTNL C. in Telecommunications

RS International - Beware of RS International | Story of our Great Escape!

Posted: 1st of Jun, 2013, 12:59pm CDT by Tamilarasan K. in Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Rahul Arora - Pdc Cheque given 3 times and not given clearing

Posted: 6th of Apr, 2013, 1:47pm CDT by R.K S. in Internet Services

indiatimes shopping - Regarding non delivery of product and non deliver of product

Posted: 30th of Mar, 2013, 12:53am CDT by kuldeep d. in Online Shopping

BAJAJ INDIA - under guarantee not providing service asking charge Rs 1000.00

Posted: 6th of Jan, 2013, 8:57am CST by KC S. in Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Net4 India - online webhosting and webbuider service is not at all reliable

Posted: 23rd of Oct, 2012, 7:08am CDT by sudeep g. in Other

SONY INDIA - Please help me

Posted: 21st of Oct, 2012, 9:37am CDT by saurabh Goel in Telecommunications - /please no bank wire transfer

Posted: 20th of Aug, 2012, 11:26pm CDT by a j. in Online Scams

Hari Prem Malik - Non Supply of Drinking water

Posted: 20th of Aug, 2012, 5:51am CDT by Hari Prem M. in Other

Mobile Recharge - Mobile recharge

Posted: 10th of Aug, 2012, 1:52am CDT by ATIKUR RAHAMAN in Business, Finances
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