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Posted: 4th of Dec, 2012, 12:04pm CST by chris v. in Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Wecoochem - Nembutal Scam/Ripoff by Wenchao Wu a.k.a Kevin Allen from Wecoochem a.k.a Wecoolab a.k.a RCChem

Posted: 3rd of Dec, 2012, 9:49pm CST by c0f27857 in Products, Services - Jerseys

Posted: 17th of Nov, 2012, 11:00pm CST by Pete P. in Online Shopping - Scam site

Posted: 16th of Oct, 2012, 6:00am CDT by Jose M. in Computers, Software (XU KUI) - Getting pretty hairy!

Posted: 2nd of Oct, 2012, 1:26am CDT by Monica S. in Other

Yourspay - No Response for Refund

Posted: 7th of Aug, 2012, 4:06pm CDT by Dan O. in Online Shopping

Michael Kors - Fake product

Posted: 21st of Jul, 2012, 12:17am CDT by b01d7377 in Other

Tidebuy - Don't Buy from Tidebuy

Posted: 14th of Jun, 2012, 3:10am CDT by e141db5c in Other big scam

Posted: 11th of Jun, 2012, 8:05pm CDT by 18805f46 in Other - = scam & fraud

Posted: 11th of Jun, 2012, 8:01pm CDT by 48d91abb in Other

Chinaecarts - Poor service and theft of money E-Stores China Chinaecartsc'

Posted: 5th of Jun, 2012, 1:05am CDT by 8c2fc5ef in Other

Nikeoutletstore/ Jeff Xu - Returned Merchandise but money was not return

Posted: 4th of Jun, 2012, 3:21am CDT by d21bb751 in Other - Apple Merchandise in China

Posted: 23rd of Feb, 2012, 9:23pm CST by 11bd1904 in Other
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