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Myrancingshop and Myracingstore - Do Not Buy from MYRACINGSTORE

Posted: 14th of Jun, 2011, 1:40pm CDT by 4f956449 in Other

Sinawood - Sinawood Co Ltd. is a SCAMMER

Posted: 2nd of Jun, 2011, 9:46am CDT by 0ccfc1d9 in Other

Grand Well Industries Co - US Customs fraud and failure to honor agreements

Posted: 28th of May, 2011, 4:23pm CDT by 39d258e1 in Other

Shanghai Hailong Foreign Trade Co.Ltd ( - Company troublemakers not deliver orders paid

Posted: 21st of May, 2011, 11:58am CDT by f9cc5470 in Other - Light in the box

Posted: 18th of May, 2011, 12:32am CDT by b1d6cfde in Other - are thieves

Posted: 25th of Apr, 2011, 11:25pm CDT by cb8e67e8 in Other


Posted: 6th of Apr, 2011, 4:06am CDT by ac570aa6 in Other

Xingtai Yuetai Industrial Co. Ltd - Be aware, they receive the money but never send the product!

Posted: 27th of Mar, 2011, 7:44pm CDT by 50b97147 in Other

Buy Shoes 123 - Buy Shoes 123, company takes your money and never sends product

Posted: 5th of Mar, 2011, 5:31pm CST by eb4522e0 in Other

Thomasabo4sale - FRAUDULENT SITE

Posted: 3rd of Mar, 2011, 10:56am CST by 8913c040 in Online Shopping - Sells unauthentic juicy couture apparel and handbags

Posted: 3rd of Mar, 2011, 8:59am CST by fbac67d6 in Other

North Face Jackets Nice - Wrong Merchandise

Posted: 24th of Feb, 2011, 8:42pm CST by 2c71b32e in Other - Angelaonlinemall - total ripoff!

Posted: 8th of Feb, 2011, 12:30pm CST by e5722784 in Other

Posted: 5th of Feb, 2011, 12:07pm CST by ebd7d26e in Other

Storeferragamo - Beware of poor business partices

Posted: 29th of Jan, 2011, 9:01pm CST by 476e2be5 in Other

First Sport Store - fake product (Nike shoes)

Posted: 28th of Jan, 2011, 7:53am CST by 3f0bd835 in Other

EEshopz - No customer service at EEshopz

Posted: 26th of Jan, 2011, 8:58am CST by 4bc851f7 in Other
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