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E.C.C.O Stoneworks - Avoid getting ripped off

Posted: 29th of Jun, 2012, 12:19pm CDT by f4741885 in Other

MWD Planning Centre

Posted: 20th of Jun, 2012, 7:32pm CDT by e3323f8c in Other

Miele Canada - Miela Canada product and support is as bad as any cheap brand!

Posted: 11th of Jun, 2012, 11:45pm CDT by Foolmeonce in Other

Sandra Elsley Marriage and Family Therapist - Sandra Elsley - pretending to be psychologist

Posted: 19th of Apr, 2012, 12:28am CDT by 07d6f362 in Health, Beauty

Ariss Fencing - No Show for Quote appointment

Posted: 28th of Mar, 2012, 1:21pm CDT by Foolmeonce in Other

The Holmes Group: - Why can't Mike Holmes make it right?

Posted: 18th of Mar, 2012, 5:50pm CDT by 069cc15f in Other

Shell Canada - Unco-operative and rude cashier

Posted: 15th of Mar, 2012, 12:47am CDT by a86c2316 in Other

Wings for the World, aka Wings of the World - Be careful of Wings for the World travel agency

Posted: 12th of Mar, 2012, 8:41pm CDT by 069cc15f in Other

Canadian Rack Technology

Posted: 24th of Feb, 2012, 8:17pm CST by c82e15ed in Other


Posted: 18th of Feb, 2012, 1:51pm CST by e9a2d478 in Other

Small Biz Media - He offers low prices and then extorts money to get your website name back

Posted: 13th of Feb, 2012, 11:35am CST by 36090395 in Other

Edgeworth Properties / Edgeworth Ventures / Edgeworth Mortgage Investment Corporation - EDGEWORTH PROPERTIES SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES - CANADA : FAT LIARS

Posted: 3rd of Feb, 2012, 1:55am CST by c202ee88 in Other

XSV360 - XSV360 and bad faith

Posted: 24th of Jan, 2012, 8:38pm CST by 98e12980 in Other

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Terrible Experience at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Posted: 21st of Jan, 2012, 12:59am CST by c1634ea6 in Other

Gibbys Electronic Supermarket - Pricing

Posted: 20th of Jan, 2012, 9:48pm CST by 78178fb8 in Other

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken Canada - Rude Customer Service and Liars

Posted: 16th of Jan, 2012, 9:14pm CST by 06a4c90b in Other

Kyle Leon - KYLE LEON not refunding per guarantee

Posted: 12th of Dec, 2011, 8:25am CST by 13452cdf in Other

MDG - MDG Defective Products

Posted: 23rd of Nov, 2011, 12:48pm CST by d7db47d1 in Other

kobo inc. - kobo bad customer service

Posted: 16th of Nov, 2011, 8:41pm CST by 4be8add7 in Other
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