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Garden Revamps Elizabeth SA - Disgusting Customer Service

Posted: 5th of Jun, 2011, 1:27am CDT by 16ffc5a8 in Other

McCracken Homes - McCracken Homes Not Paying Bills

Posted: 18th of May, 2011, 1:05am CDT by 8e963b3f in Other aka Melbourne IT Ltd. - division of Melbourne IT Ltd.

Posted: 9th of May, 2011, 9:32pm CDT by 12992442 in Other

Gumnut Systems International - Gumnut Systems International Bad Support

Posted: 14th of Apr, 2011, 1:15am CDT by 702cbe64 in Other

ANZ - ANZ Bank and Handling Internet Fraud

Posted: 18th of Mar, 2011, 5:36pm CDT by dbeb26b7 in Other

MacDonald - public health issue

Posted: 17th of Mar, 2011, 11:08pm CDT by 9e2a35f1 in Other

Hungry Jacks Hallam - Hungry Jacks Refund Issues

Posted: 13th of Mar, 2011, 12:31am CST by 610db1b2 in Other

zynga are thieves

Posted: 12th of Mar, 2011, 3:16am CST by afdba565 in Other

Never buy a car from Gerald Slaven!!

Posted: 21st of Feb, 2011, 12:19am CST by 215226c5 in Other

Trouble with buying from South East Woodworking Supplies, Slack Creek

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2011, 10:07pm CST by 84633819 in Other

United Parcel Services - Unprofessional delivery service by UPS

Posted: 24th of Dec, 2010, 1:33am CST by e352f611 in Other

Malaysian airlines website glitch

Posted: 16th of Dec, 2010, 10:39pm CST by b9a629b9 in Other

Sion Events Pty Ltd - paid for tickets to the Eagles

Posted: 11th of Dec, 2010, 6:28am CST by 3cdee330 in Other

TNT piece of shit

Posted: 19th of Nov, 2010, 3:45am CST by 68688d1e in Other

Grace Removals - Grace Removals Australia

Posted: 16th of Nov, 2010, 6:15am CST by dabfad2e in Other

Thai Airways - Baggage missing and handling

Posted: 25th of Oct, 2010, 4:11am CDT by 9f94a172 in Other

AussieLiving - Sold goods when on layby

Posted: 1st of Oct, 2010, 1:18am CDT by 968e5750 in Other

elders real estate bairnsdale victoria - elders real estate big rip off

Posted: 21st of Sep, 2010, 10:57pm CDT by 99a32a69 in Other

saule transport - truck company big wages rip off

Posted: 21st of Sep, 2010, 10:33pm CDT by 99a32a69 in Other

cfa bruthen - cfa missconduct

Posted: 21st of Sep, 2010, 10:20pm CDT by 99a32a69 in Other
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