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Whirlpool Products NOT Reliable

Posted: 15th of Aug, 2007, 4:25pm CDT by e43f1357 in Other

Poor Whirlpool Appliances from Parts World Ltd.

Posted: 16th of Jul, 2007, 3:49pm CDT by 23f946b5 in Other

A and E Factory Repair / Whirlpool preferred service provider

Posted: 13th of Jul, 2007, 7:05pm CDT by 07932ad4 in Other

whirlpool dishwasher

Posted: 6th of Jul, 2007, 9:15am CDT by a40c367e in Other

Whirlpool Washing Machine/A & E Factory Service

Posted: 4th of Jul, 2007, 10:29am CDT by e76b0f89 in Other

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 Electric Range

Posted: 26th of Jun, 2007, 10:09pm CDT by 9d8452ff in Other

Whirlpool Water Heaters

Posted: 23rd of Jun, 2007, 5:35pm CDT by c4f85034 in Other

Whirlpool Dishwasher -Model # du1100XTPB3

Posted: 19th of Jun, 2007, 8:41pm CDT by b3fe78b6 in Other


Posted: 15th of Jun, 2007, 10:30am CDT by 4d26bf42 in Other

Whirlpool Washing Machine

Posted: 10th of Jun, 2007, 8:07am CDT by a8731182 in Other

no service back up of whirlpool india

Posted: 5th of Jun, 2007, 10:54pm CDT by c8b82272 in Other

Complaint of Whirlpool Fridge

Posted: 8th of May, 2007, 7:50am CDT by abe8bbe2 in Other

Whirlpool Washer Model No. LHW0050PQ

Posted: 9th of Apr, 2007, 5:00pm CDT by 9ae7cebd in Other

Whirlpool Refrig

Posted: 8th of Apr, 2007, 6:53pm CDT by 8bced26c in Other

Whirlpool Sidekick Refrigerator / Freon Leak

Posted: 4th of Apr, 2007, 2:53pm CDT by 2d875727 in Other
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