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Posted: 4th of Jul, 2012, 9:18am CDT by 82b74fa3 in Other - DO NOT USE STAMPS.COM!!!!

Posted: 27th of Mar, 2010, 11:13am CDT by dd282a06 in Other - Stamps.Com is a Racket

Posted: 17th of Aug, 2009, 1:36pm CDT by 74529866 in Other - won't let you cancel your membership

Posted: 26th of Jul, 2009, 7:15am CDT by e132d05f in Other - is cheating customers

Posted: 15th of Dec, 2008, 7:33pm CST by 245af90e in Other - scam/con/fraudulent bill practice

Posted: 23rd of Aug, 2008, 4:52pm CDT by e495f818 in Other - still stomps the internet public

Posted: 30th of Apr, 2008, 3:03pm CDT by 3ae5962f in Other - Charges for its Free Trial

Posted: 24th of Apr, 2008, 1:35pm CDT by 8614a9b3 in Other

Posted: 17th of Jan, 2008, 5:59pm CST by 96becb55 in Other

Posted: 29th of Aug, 2007, 2:32pm CDT by f334ba0e in Other = rotten

Posted: 7th of May, 2007, 12:14pm CDT by 93f5c133 in Other

Posted: 26th of Mar, 2007, 7:21pm CDT by 85e8376c in Other

Posted: 7th of Mar, 2007, 8:28pm CST by ed639d9d in Other

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2007, 12:54pm CST by 000d5c90 in Other

Posted: 30th of Nov, 2006, 1:42pm CST by a5c3bbf3 in Other rip off

Posted: 27th of Nov, 2006, 9:57pm CST by c629d09e in Other

Posted: 21st of Nov, 2006, 6:58pm CST by 04250196 in Other

Posted: 8th of Nov, 2006, 2:39pm CST by e7397e72 in Other // it has the widest-spread fraudulent product advertising I've seen thus far

Posted: 4th of Nov, 2006, 6:07am CST by bb9f6aae in Other

Posted: 12th of Oct, 2006, 12:00am CDT by 60830cc6 in Other
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