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Sears Canada

Sears Canada - cancelled service appointment(loss of days pay for nothing)

Posted: 16th of Oct, 2012, 10:18am CDT by John in Appliances, Equipment, Tools

SEARS Canada - Do Not Purchase Frigidaire Microwave Oven

Posted: 21st of Mar, 2012, 10:42am CDT by 2bc7e564 in Other

sears canada - double charging to credit card

Posted: 3rd of Dec, 2011, 8:29pm CST by 908e43a8 in Other

Sears Canada Inc. - Sears Canada Unbelievable Customer Treatment

Posted: 14th of Sep, 2011, 5:10pm CDT by 97cdeb7d in Other

Sears Canada (supplied by Samsung) - Kenmore undercupboard mount microwave

Posted: 11th of Feb, 2011, 7:42am CST by b1293214 in Other

Sears Canada - Sears - refuses to disclose shipping charge without providing credit card - FRAUD

Posted: 4th of Dec, 2010, 7:57am CST by 57cf0f2a in Other

Sears Canada - Kenmore Dishwasher caught on fire - Sears doesn't care

Posted: 16th of Mar, 2010, 11:08am CDT by 98a00220 in Other

Sears Canada Inc. - Cosmetic problem Kenmore Range

Posted: 7th of Mar, 2010, 11:01am CST by 21ed650b in Other

Sears Canada - Sears Protection Agreement

Posted: 20th of Oct, 2009, 11:26am CDT by 5d62c80a in Other

Sears Canada - Sears Credit Services

Posted: 11th of Feb, 2009, 6:20pm CST by 0d4ecd2c in Other

Sears Canada - Sears Canada Bad Service

Posted: 31st of Oct, 2008, 8:34am CDT by 9bf665f7 in Other

Sears Canada Inc. - Hidden restocking fee

Posted: 29th of Jul, 2008, 4:34pm CDT by d13e6c27 in Other

Sears Canada Inc - Sears Canada Products & Services Horrific

Posted: 10th of Apr, 2008, 9:19am CDT by e5c566e4 in Other

Sears Canada - Problem with Sears Customer Service and Policy

Posted: 28th of Feb, 2008, 2:37pm CST by dcad7a20 in Other

Sears Canada - Sears has to be the worst at customer service

Posted: 22nd of Jan, 2008, 5:10pm CST by 1ca6f1a3 in Other

Sears Canada - Misleading Catalogue Information on Ordering Blinds

Posted: 22nd of Jan, 2008, 12:21pm CST by f75e3081 in Other

Sears Canada - SEARS - Not a Service oriented company

Posted: 5th of Sep, 2007, 1:48pm CDT by eadfbf4c in Other

Sears Canada

Posted: 16th of Feb, 2006, 2:37pm CST by 137dbd1d in Other

Sears Canada Kenmore Heavy Duty Washer

Posted: 7th of Dec, 2005, 12:00am CST by 4dc85552 in Other
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