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Unlucky purchase from Straight Talk Wireless company - Never buy from Straight Talk Wireless !

Posted: 6th of Mar, 2014, 1:01pm CST by Luiz R. in Consumer Electronics

Purchase an HP laptop from (Royal trading company) - Free gift not deliverd

Posted: 7th of Dec, 2010, 7:53am CST by 232630de in Other

Used Car Purchase

Posted: 3rd of Aug, 2010, 12:43pm CDT by 909f79d9 in Other


Posted: 19th of Aug, 2007, 2:35pm CDT by c7778ff3 in Other

Carpet- Purchase and Installation

Posted: 18th of Jun, 2007, 1:57pm CDT by 8ce3f0ae in Other

Customer Grievance - Inverter damaged within 1 week of purchase.

Posted: 24th of May, 2007, 12:43am CDT by 77ae77fc in Other

Kearny Mesa Ford/Car and warranty purchase

Posted: 4th of May, 2007, 1:53am CDT by 0258b0b2 in Other

Northport Ford Inc./Used Car Purchase

Posted: 24th of Apr, 2007, 2:48pm CDT by 257f8754 in Other

Send my rebates right now - that means today - or a full purchase refund of $500.00 - Take your pick - Office Depot -

Posted: 22nd of Apr, 2007, 11:26pm CDT by 80ef6d48 in Other

Carpet/ purchase carpet

Posted: 9th of Apr, 2007, 1:25pm CDT by 8e79592c in Other


Posted: 7th of Mar, 2007, 12:42pm CST by 75cc1d1c in Other

The Brick - Furniture Purchase and Warranty Coverage

Posted: 7th of Mar, 2007, 4:16am CST by 6e1d62b5 in Other

FW: Purchase/repairs of 1995 Dodge Intrepid

Posted: 2nd of Mar, 2007, 11:57am CST by ab5b346e in Other

Norton antivirus online purchase last March 2006

Posted: 22nd of Feb, 2007, 12:15pm CST by 10678ce5 in Other

Dog, Cat or Pet Purchase / California Pets of Carlsbad and Escondido, CA

Posted: 9th of Feb, 2007, 9:29pm CST by fab3ea12 in Other

Bedroom Nightmare-Sofa999 5380 Maingate Drive, Mississauga - Total purchase amount $1,579.72

Posted: 27th of Jan, 2007, 11:16pm CST by 7d6d0455 in Other purchase candles etc...

Posted: 26th of Jan, 2007, 4:21pm CST by 9db87aa5 in Other

Been scammed in iMac purchase by major retailer

Posted: 17th of Jan, 2007, 12:16pm CST by 93ea155c in Other

Desire to purchase of a 32-inch Olevia LCD television through Circuit City

Posted: 12th of Jan, 2007, 10:47am CST by 15869721 in Other

Purchase from Mattress Direct

Posted: 11th of Jan, 2007, 6:04pm CST by 7857cf4e in Other
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