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Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn - returns and refunds

Posted: 23rd of Mar, 2013, 9:13am CDT by Gerri C. in Online Shopping

Pottery Barn - Pottery Barn Shipping Mis-Representation

Posted: 20th of Dec, 2011, 12:01pm CST by 464acb96 in Other

Pottery Barn - Sold the table I paid for to someone else

Posted: 19th of Dec, 2008, 4:35pm CST by d09eb5e1 in Other

Pottery Barn - Runaround with Pottery Barn

Posted: 5th of May, 2008, 3:56pm CDT by 5d9db39c in Other

Pottery Barn - Pottery Barn Furniture (very poor quality)

Posted: 3rd of Mar, 2008, 4:01pm CST by 45b9f3b2 in Other

Pottery Barn / Mitchell Gold Furniture

Posted: 23rd of Feb, 2007, 11:57am CST by ebb9f054 in Other

Look - Redeem this free 500.00 Pottery Barn Shopping Card

Posted: 8th of Feb, 2007, 7:25am CST by 949c5dd0 in Other

pottery barn bedford units

Posted: 22nd of Feb, 2006, 3:47pm CST by d9890bf4 in Other

Pottery Barn Catalog Ordering

Posted: 12th of Apr, 2005, 12:00am CDT by 31d6bbce in Other

Pottery Barn catalog

Posted: 16th of Feb, 2005, 12:00am CST by 3a9555e0 in Other

FedEx - shipment San Antonio, TX to Chicago, IL - one month later, eBay order of Pottery Barn rug package not yet delivered

Posted: 15th of Jan, 2004, 12:00am CST by a66de67a in Other
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