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Loading... - Fake Orders Being Processed without verification

Posted: 28th of Sep, 2013, 6:02pm CDT by Lisa W. in Online Scams - Beyond Appalled

Posted: 29th of Oct, 2009, 3:32pm CDT by bfb318c5 in Other - is a disreputable company

Posted: 24th of Jun, 2008, 8:23pm CDT by 06484ecd in Other

UPS and and US postal inspector

Posted: 14th of Aug, 2007, 12:35pm CDT by 5837a328 in Other


Posted: 23rd of Sep, 2006, 1:18am CDT by 419c9457 in Other

Posted: 9th of Aug, 2006, 8:52am CDT by 19e73f3c in Other

Posted: 17th of Feb, 2006, 1:29pm CST by 75046b70 in Other

RiteAid Pharmacy online - - shipped product to home, overcharged, unable to get refund

Posted: 23rd of Jan, 2002, 12:00am CST by c1ffe69f in Other
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