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Dell - Dell does not honor "Premium Warranty" on XPS 15 (L521X)

Posted: 10th of Feb, 2014, 7:46pm CST by FrustatedDell C. in Computers, Software

dell india - Dell Mobile XCD35

Posted: 15th of Jul, 2013, 3:11am CDT by Dhaval S. in Consumer Electronics

Dell Inc. - Model XPS M2010

Posted: 5th of Jul, 2013, 5:00pm CDT by Richard A. in Computers, Software

DELL (800-456-3355) Customer Service - Absolutely Horrendous customer service

Posted: 19th of Jun, 2013, 8:14pm CDT by 0384bb7a in Computers, Software

shady dell stables - Irate

Posted: 29th of Jan, 2013, 3:37pm CST by 091291d0 in Products, Services

DELL - DELL No Picture No Service!

Posted: 3rd of Jan, 2013, 1:06am CST by Emre A. in Computers, Software - doing Bait and Switch during Black Friday

Posted: 26th of Nov, 2012, 11:49am CST by 76f1b7c2 in Online Scams

dell - dell inspiron all in one desktop

Posted: 29th of Oct, 2012, 2:27pm CDT by very unhappy in Computers, Software

Dell - Beware Alienware products

Posted: 17th of Jul, 2012, 8:55am CDT by 921e11e0 in Computers, Software

Dell - Poor quality monitors from Dell

Posted: 10th of Jul, 2012, 9:18pm CDT by 238da513 in Other

Dell - Dell Computer ~ Fraudulent Business Practices ~ Senior Operations Analyst Acknowledges Poor Quality Control

Posted: 2nd of Apr, 2012, 1:54pm CDT by 1af628b7 in Other

Dell - Dell Computer

Posted: 8th of Mar, 2012, 12:25pm CST by 4923d5dc in Other

Dell Inc - Dell Inc.

Posted: 2nd of Mar, 2012, 6:36pm CST by fcd9b874 in Other

Dell - No Response

Posted: 29th of Feb, 2012, 11:26pm CST by 1fd57b2d in Other

Dell - warranty service Dell computer

Posted: 29th of Jan, 2012, 11:04pm CST by 1b2474ed in Other

Dell - Dell Flat Panel Monitor

Posted: 10th of Dec, 2011, 6:56pm CST by c205702b in Other

Dell Computers - Dell Computer Useless for 3rd Time in 10 Months

Posted: 6th of Dec, 2011, 2:46pm CST by 1ca9a24f in Other

Dell computers - warranty Dell XPS L702x notebook

Posted: 2nd of Dec, 2011, 1:14pm CST by c1c3cf40 in Other

Dell Computers, USA - Dell Computers Bad Equipment/Tech Support

Posted: 29th of Nov, 2011, 10:02pm CST by 02b7b9a3 in Computers, Software

Dell - Dell screws me over

Posted: 15th of Sep, 2011, 6:40pm CDT by f2bea0e0 in Other
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