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Dell Computers - Dell Computer Useless for 3rd Time in 10 Months

Posted: 6th of Dec, 2011, 2:46pm CST by 1ca9a24f in Other

Dell computers - warranty Dell XPS L702x notebook

Posted: 2nd of Dec, 2011, 1:14pm CST by c1c3cf40 in Other

Dell Computers, USA - Dell Computers Bad Equipment/Tech Support

Posted: 29th of Nov, 2011, 10:02pm CST by 02b7b9a3 in Computers, Software

Dell Computers Service Center - Dell Service Center provides no service

Posted: 13th of Sep, 2010, 8:02am CDT by 5e6fd690 in Other

Dell Computers - D (don't) E (expect) L (long) L (life)

Posted: 28th of Jul, 2010, 8:54pm CDT by 55492c28 in Other

Dell Computers - Horrible Dell Service with New Alienware M11x

Posted: 29th of Apr, 2010, 12:24pm CDT by c0ac81a4 in Other

Dell computers - Dell customer service

Posted: 7th of Apr, 2010, 8:10pm CDT by d3d9f2db in Other

Dell Computers - Dell's Fraudulant and Misleading Advertising

Posted: 15th of Mar, 2010, 5:29pm CDT by 42168e03 in Other

Dell Computers Canada - Dell Canada Lousy Customer service

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2010, 9:06pm CST by d79cc67a in Other

Dell Computers - Dell Desktop Computers

Posted: 24th of Nov, 2009, 8:34am CST by 0f6fdad7 in Other

Dell Computers

Posted: 31st of Jul, 2009, 1:10am CDT by 5f4edc5a in Other

Dell Computers - Dell Vostro - Dell is not a great company when their product is defective

Posted: 8th of Jul, 2009, 9:12pm CDT by f7923111 in Other

Dell computers - Dell customer service

Posted: 11th of Jun, 2009, 2:41pm CDT by 921761b8 in Other

Dell Computers - Disappointed with Dell

Posted: 12th of Feb, 2009, 3:32pm CST by fb50bea4 in Other

Dell Computers - Dell cheatd me from rebate and gift Cert.

Posted: 9th of Dec, 2008, 10:43am CST by c9291967 in Other

dell computers - lack of information/returns

Posted: 3rd of Dec, 2008, 11:35am CST by b2f2cdab in Other

Dell Computers - Dell Technical Support

Posted: 26th of Jun, 2008, 10:44am CDT by 0feadb66 in Other

Dell Computers - Dell Customer Service - an oxymoron

Posted: 24th of Jun, 2008, 12:21pm CDT by b8b15c01 in Other

Dell computers

Posted: 21st of Jun, 2008, 11:23am CDT by f29a3a97 in Other

Dell Computers - Has Dell Lost Their Minds

Posted: 21st of May, 2008, 7:56am CDT by 9cabc6bd in Other
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