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Charter Cable TV - Charter

Posted: 24th of Feb, 2014, 3:39pm CST by a425a651 in TV, Music, Video

Charter Communications - Unreasonable Business Model

Posted: 14th of Jun, 2013, 5:46pm CDT by George J. in Internet Services

Charter Cable - Charter Trespassed and blinded my dog

Posted: 21st of Mar, 2013, 10:53am CDT by fd4ad818 in Internet Services

Charter Communications - Charter Cable Trespass

Posted: 18th of Jul, 2012, 5:55pm CDT by ff3dfa0f in Other

Charter - Total charges not disclosed

Posted: 17th of Feb, 2012, 11:58pm CST by e814f214 in Other

Charter - Get something else before you get any of the Charter Services

Posted: 26th of Dec, 2011, 10:53pm CST by a7e50ea1 in Other

Charter Communications - Charter nightmare!

Posted: 7th of Mar, 2011, 4:52pm CST by e06c945a in Other

Charter Communications - Charter Communications - Bottom of the barrell

Posted: 24th of Jan, 2011, 11:20am CST by 9a3b48e0 in Other

Charter Cable & OfferWire - Rebate Scam

Posted: 16th of Nov, 2010, 3:35pm CST by c81db051 in Other

Charter Communications - Charter Communications and their employees

Posted: 4th of Nov, 2010, 10:33pm CDT by 6d4ddb62 in Other

Charter Communications - Billed post Disconnection

Posted: 22nd of Oct, 2010, 5:01pm CDT by b987713f in Other

US Coachlines & Universe Charter Bus LLC - Fake Limousine/Party Bus company

Posted: 17th of Oct, 2010, 2:43am CDT by 4b4018a7 in Other

Charter Communications

Posted: 4th of Oct, 2010, 11:53am CDT by f033a625 in Other

Charter Communications - Charter Cable Problems

Posted: 16th of Sep, 2010, 9:29am CDT by 112963c5 in Other

Charter One Bank - Charter One has unfair business practices

Posted: 13th of Jul, 2010, 1:48pm CDT by 1dd607e1 in Business, Finances

Charter Communications

Posted: 8th of Jul, 2010, 10:56am CDT by 59479354 in Other

Charter Communications - Charter Cable Internet blocks port 80

Posted: 21st of Jun, 2010, 3:40pm CDT by 23d541b3 in Other

Charter Communications in St. Peters, MO - charter communications

Posted: 6th of Jun, 2010, 1:21pm CDT by 97eaea2c in Other

USA Bus Charter

Posted: 6th of May, 2010, 11:12am CDT by 23a1ba13 in Other

Charter Communications - Charter Internet/Phone Service.

Posted: 3rd of May, 2010, 12:09am CDT by 9b62be83 in Other
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