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Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture - Fountain Valley - unfinished product and poor representation

Posted: 16th of Jul, 2009, 11:25pm CDT by 3f38a0d3 in Other

Bassett Furniture - Bassett Furniture gets an F for service

Posted: 16th of Sep, 2008, 6:50pm CDT by 29e4a241 in Other

Bassett Furniture Direct - Bassett Furniture Inferior fabric

Posted: 4th of Nov, 2007, 7:53pm CST by 8bb90279 in Other

Bassett Furniture Direct

Posted: 3rd of Feb, 2007, 11:46am CST by e2c649dc in Other

Bassett furniture / furniture

Posted: 13th of Jun, 2006, 12:00am CDT by a6b39781 in Other

Bassett Furniture

Posted: 17th of May, 2006, 9:59pm CDT by 007f011e in Other

Bassett Furniture

Posted: 6th of May, 2006, 5:08am CDT by 69fd5ac3 in Other

Bassett Furniture Middletown, Kentucky

Posted: 3rd of Mar, 2006, 12:00am CST by ff5fc911 in Other

Coffee table & end table from CL Barnes / Bassett Furniture

Posted: 28th of Oct, 2005, 12:00am CDT by 39501b75 in Other

bassett furniture

Posted: 4th of Aug, 2005, 12:00am CDT by 9aa79785 in Other

Bassett Furniture Direct / Furniture problems

Posted: 26th of May, 2005, 12:00am CDT by 7a7b6fd6 in Other

Bassett Furniture Direct

Posted: 2nd of Feb, 2005, 12:00am CST by 90763d48 in Other

Bassett Furniture Direct - Bassett Furniture Direct 1661 S Alma School Rd Mesa, AZ - purchased a loveseat, sleeper sofa, and ottoman for $1800 in the summer of 2002. In late 2003 the ottoman had a leg that fell off, a service technician determined that the wood used for the frame (

Posted: 27th of Aug, 2004, 12:00am CDT by 046a44e6 in Stores, Shopping

Bassett Furniture, Rockford, IL - I purchased a new living room set from the Rockford Illinois store which arrived May 6th, 2004. Upon inspection, several things were noted immediately

Posted: 4th of Jun, 2004, 12:00am CDT by d9fa4460 in Other

Furniture USA, Clemmons, NC - ordered Bassett Furniture from this company - they have been saying they will be shipping soon but that time has not come

Posted: 31st of Mar, 2004, 12:00am CST by 94bc4879 in Other

Bassett Furniture Direct, O'Fallon, MO - purchased two chairs and ottoman in Nov., 2003 - fabric wore excessively - terrible pilling - fabric replaced once by Bassett, which quickly wore out

Posted: 17th of Mar, 2004, 12:00am CST by c131e438 in Other

Bassett Furniture, Austin, TX - did not notify customer of delay in delivery - treated rudely by sales manager

Posted: 19th of Jan, 2003, 12:00am CST by f15584aa in Other

Bassett Furniture Direct - - squeaking sofa, poor quality fabric

Posted: 13th of Jan, 2002, 12:00am CST by ea23add6 in Other
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