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Afni, Inc.

AFNI, INC. - AFNI, Inc. Scam Collectors

Posted: 26th of Feb, 2008, 7:00pm CST by 0c282362 in Other


Posted: 18th of Feb, 2008, 12:55pm CST by 0c660224 in Other

AFNI, Inc. - Predatory Racket

Posted: 19th of Aug, 2007, 7:17pm CDT by b6d4948a in Other

Afni, Inc. bogus charges

Posted: 6th of Aug, 2007, 6:48pm CDT by 165e6563 in Other

Afni, Inc.

Posted: 30th of Jul, 2007, 3:23pm CDT by a6eaf784 in Other


Posted: 16th of Jul, 2007, 5:39pm CDT by 43eb05fc in Other


Posted: 23rd of Jun, 2007, 7:47am CDT by 9e6ec3cd in Other

Verizon/Afni, Inc

Posted: 15th of Jun, 2007, 9:58am CDT by af11a03c in Other

Afni Inc. - Bogus Bill

Posted: 1st of Jun, 2007, 5:06pm CDT by ade5eb0b in Other

Afni Inc

Posted: 2nd of Mar, 2007, 5:27pm CST by b3019124 in Other

Afni, Inc.

Posted: 23rd of Jan, 2007, 5:11pm CST by dbbb5979 in Other


Posted: 22nd of Jan, 2007, 8:13pm CST by 4b3ce172 in Other

Afni, inc

Posted: 6th of Jan, 2007, 5:02pm CST by 3f6d817b in Other

RE: AFNI, Inc.

Posted: 27th of Dec, 2006, 9:11pm CST by e7ff850b in Other

AFNI, INC. (Collection Ageny)

Posted: 11th of Oct, 2006, 12:00am CDT by 7e0a42ad in Other

Afni, Inc.

Posted: 18th of Sep, 2006, 6:24pm CDT by e5e44546 in Other


Posted: 15th of Jan, 2006, 10:14am CST by 32431c35 in Other

AFNI, Inc.

Posted: 9th of Oct, 2005, 12:00am CDT by a66de67a in Other
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