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Aerobed - Aerobed LEAKS

Posted: 21st of Nov, 2009, 10:16am CST by 8ed06130 in Other

Aerobed - Aerobed Customer service

Posted: 14th of Sep, 2009, 2:14pm CDT by cb80432c in Other

aerobed queen pillowtop

Posted: 4th of Mar, 2007, 6:07pm CST by bb2fd337 in Other


Posted: 13th of Aug, 2006, 8:31pm CDT by 0fb83cc7 in Other

Aerobed - Aerobed - About a month into the use, it started losing air a little at a time. Last week we ended up on a deflated Aerobed on the floor in the middle of the night

Posted: 26th of Jul, 2004, 12:00am CDT by b089bf99 in Furniture

Aerobed - seam broke, bed deflated - unable to find repair information, unable to get help from Aerobed

Posted: 31st of Jan, 2002, 12:00am CST by 821c0d61 in Other
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