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Travel, Vacations - SCAM

Posted: 3rd of Oct, 2012, 6:22am CDT by sami b. in Travel, Vacations

American Express - Companion Fare My Ass

Posted: 29th of Sep, 2012, 12:42pm CDT by karen p. in Travel, Vacations

Wholesale TravelCenter, Inc - Complaint/scam/ripoff by

Posted: 27th of Sep, 2012, 12:59am CDT by S K. in Travel, Vacations

Namaqualodge Country Hotel - Disaster at Namaqualodge Country Hotel

Posted: 13th of Sep, 2012, 2:01am CDT by Jenny S. in Travel, Vacations

California Vacation Group Holdings - Unethical business Practices

Posted: 9th of Sep, 2012, 7:40pm CDT by Teresa T. in Travel, Vacations

Allerton Hotel - How hard is it to e-mail a confirmation?

Posted: 9th of Sep, 2012, 4:49pm CDT by Les R B. in Travel, Vacations

Resortquest by wyndham or wrn central - WORST MANAGMENT COMPANY

Posted: 9th of Sep, 2012, 6:52am CDT by Anivaldo R. in Travel, Vacations

India Travels / 1 Touch solutions India Pvt. Ltd / India Mart - Fraud by Hello Travels / Great India Travels / 1 Touch solutions India Pvt. Ltd / India Mart

Posted: 2nd of Sep, 2012, 5:20am CDT by Nayan S. in Travel, Vacations

Crystal Cruises, Inc. - Help Obtain A Refund From Crystal Cruises, Inc.

Posted: 26th of Aug, 2012, 2:10pm CDT by Peter G. in Travel, Vacations

Ben's Cabin on Madeline Island - Ben's Cabin on Madeline Island Ripped Us Off

Posted: 22nd of Aug, 2012, 10:00pm CDT by Manny R. in Travel, Vacations

Air Canada Vacations - Air Canada Vacations does not give you good value for aeroplan miles.

Posted: 20th of Aug, 2012, 4:25pm CDT by 6fba59bb in Travel, Vacations

Continental Airlines - -- airline travel

Posted: 11th of Nov, 2006, 1:16pm CST by d459252d in Travel, Vacations


Posted: 4th of Jan, 2006, 2:40pm CST by 7e8c9081 in Travel, Vacations

Delta Airlines - Airline Travel - Delta Airlines

Posted: 8th of Nov, 2005, 12:00am CST by 7a5ebad9 in Travel, Vacations

Generation X-Solutions, Inc. - 123 Free Travel Club, Generation X-Solutions, Inc. - Generation X recommended 123 Free Travel club. I went to the 123 Free Travel site and it looked interesting because it offered a bunch of free services just for signing up. I signed up on July 1st and w

Posted: 17th of Aug, 2004, 12:00am CDT by 8d07f417 in Travel, Vacations

Delta Airlines - Story about history airline travel from seasoned business traveller - and a Delta flying experience

Posted: 15th of Jul, 2002, 12:00am CDT by 86fa41ad in Travel, Vacations

TRIP.COM - Travel Agents - TRIP.COM have $50.00 fee to change dates for hotel stay - which hotel does not charge

Posted: 14th of Jan, 2001, 12:00am CST by 584b120a in Travel, Vacations - Travel Agents - bait and switch tactics

Posted: 21st of Jul, 2000, 11:31am CDT by 871f81ed in Travel, Vacations - Travel Agents - false advertising, rude customer service

Posted: 1st of Jul, 2000, 5:56pm CDT by fd6bdb37 in Travel, Vacations
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