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Expedia - Car rental

Posted: 1st of Sep, 2015, 12:00pm CDT by Mehmet G. in Travel, Vacations

VRBO #403084 - VRBO 403084 Terrible Bedroom Unresponsive Owner

Posted: 29th of Aug, 2015, 9:52pm CDT by Margaret L. in Travel, Vacations

Expedia - Horrible ustomer service

Posted: 29th of Aug, 2015, 6:06am CDT by Craig S. in Travel, Vacations

Field Spring Builders Private Limited - Timeshare Cheating

Posted: 16th of Aug, 2015, 2:55am CDT by refaircargo P. in Travel, Vacations - Priceline's defective website changes Departure dates & makes you pay for wrong booking!!!

Posted: 14th of Jul, 2015, 1:47am CDT by Alexander M. in Travel, Vacations

Hertz Car Rental - Car Rental With Hertz at Portland Oregon Airport

Posted: 5th of Jul, 2015, 9:18pm CDT by W. Michael K. in Travel, Vacations

Billion Star Ekspres - Coach of Rudeness and Fraud

Posted: 18th of Jun, 2015, 1:20am CDT by sinan d. in Travel, Vacations - Booked Fraudulent Apartment - no help whatsoever!

Posted: 17th of Jun, 2015, 4:47pm CDT by David B. in Travel, Vacations

Hotwire - Problem with HOTWIRE.COM

Posted: 17th of Jun, 2015, 1:39am CDT by drazen b. in Travel, Vacations

Alldays Hostel - Alldays hostel, Liars, No integrity

Posted: 12th of Jun, 2015, 4:53pm CDT by Tom H. in Travel, Vacations - car rental

Posted: 11th of Jun, 2015, 5:32pm CDT by nancy t. in Travel, Vacations


Posted: 8th of Jun, 2015, 2:46pm CDT by Niels H. in Travel, Vacations

Opodo - Contact centre opening times made me lose flights and cash.

Posted: 25th of May, 2015, 5:01am CDT by 488bf154 in Travel, Vacations - HORRIBLE SERVICE

Posted: 24th of May, 2015, 11:09pm CDT by Jose H. in Travel, Vacations

The Dinosaur Haus

Posted: 18th of May, 2015, 2:18pm CDT by Marcos Soares in Travel, Vacations

All American Towncar Services - bad serve

Posted: 7th of May, 2015, 3:44am CDT by michael c. in Travel, Vacations

RESERVATION COUNTER . COM - How ripped me off

Posted: 1st of May, 2015, 3:36pm CDT by Robert Allyn L. in Travel, Vacations - ---Figure it out online or forget it

Posted: 17th of Mar, 2015, 7:14am CDT by Amanda H. in Travel, Vacations - Terrible customer service - almost laughable!

Posted: 26th of Feb, 2015, 8:59pm CST by Brett B. in Travel, Vacations

Grey Hound Bus Company Dallas Texas on - Treatment of Injured Drive

Posted: 16th of Feb, 2015, 9:57pm CST by 56bfbd9a in Travel, Vacations
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