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Yes Communities! - All about the money, not the people

Posted: 6th of Feb, 2016, 3:14pm CST by bd0a810d in Real Estate - : Scam Room Finding Agent

Posted: 6th of Feb, 2016, 10:05am CST by Tara S. in Real Estate - Room Finder Has No Rooms : Don't Get Played While They Get Paid

Posted: 5th of Feb, 2016, 6:26am CST by Augustina G. in Real Estate - Room Finding Agent Fraud : 132 West 31 Street, Suite 1516

Posted: 5th of Feb, 2016, 5:28am CST by Emerald V. in Real Estate - room finding service advance fee scam : 132 West 31 Street

Posted: 4th of Feb, 2016, 1:36pm CST by Eduardo V. in Real Estate

NYC Private Bedrooms - Room Finding Agency

Posted: 3rd of Feb, 2016, 8:43am CST by Kimber N. in Real Estate

Real Estate - Handy Man

Posted: 1st of Feb, 2016, 11:10am CST by Ram K. in Real Estate

New Day USA - Fraud

Posted: 9th of Jan, 2016, 11:49am CST by eb9900ae in Real Estate

The Petersen Group Building & Development - Angry Homes Owners Use Social Media to Voice Complaints against TPG Developer

Posted: 6th of Jan, 2016, 7:30pm CST by Emelia B. in Real Estate

Houstonian Properties - Terrible Agent

Posted: 5th of Jan, 2016, 7:51pm CST by Thomas G. in Real Estate

Cardinal Capital Management - WARNING: Cardinal Capital Management allows psychostalkerpedo to live @ juniper court 108

Posted: 19th of Dec, 2015, 4:27pm CST by f2178828 in Real Estate

Chalet Vegas HoA & Security - Chalet Vegas HoA & Security commits federal retaliation against the disabled!

Posted: 11th of Dec, 2015, 7:28pm CST by Howie Illegal in Real Estate

Zach Ryan Properties - Watch Out!!! Don't Rent From These People

Posted: 27th of Nov, 2015, 1:14pm CST by ebf672d6 in Real Estate

BH Management - Insane Policies

Posted: 10th of Nov, 2015, 11:35pm CST by Krista P. in Real Estate

real estate

Posted: 2nd of Nov, 2015, 5:24am CST by Antima A. in Real Estate

Nationstar Mortgage - Sanctioned Fraud by Nationstar in Texas

Posted: 30th of Oct, 2015, 5:36pm CDT by CHRISTOPHER B. in Real Estate

Freddie Mac - Sanctioned Fraud in Texas

Posted: 30th of Oct, 2015, 5:32pm CDT by CHRISTOPHER B. in Real Estate

Coconut Grove Apartments - Murder at Coconut Grove Apartments

Posted: 30th of Oct, 2015, 10:43am CDT by 6ff03248 in Real Estate

Bradley Company - Bradley Company destroys lives

Posted: 20th of Oct, 2015, 12:38pm CDT by Brian J. in Real Estate

Luxxury Leisure Collection - Luxxury Leisure Collection very professional, honest, and efficient

Posted: 7th of Oct, 2015, 12:56pm CDT by Brian C. in Real Estate
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