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Enterprise - Enterprise will leave you stranded

Posted: 17th of May, 2013, 7:11am CDT by Jeff R. in Products, Services - Bad Service

Posted: 16th of May, 2013, 10:58am CDT by Tina T. in Products, Services

Optomologists counceling - cataract operations

Posted: 16th of May, 2013, 10:28am CDT by M. in Products, Services

Sony USA - Sony Offers Horrible Customer Service

Posted: 14th of May, 2013, 2:45pm CDT by Scott L. in Products, Services

Monumental Designs - Headstone

Posted: 13th of May, 2013, 2:26pm CDT by Melissa M. in Products, Services

Castle windows aka Castle The Window People - Bait and switch

Posted: 8th of May, 2013, 4:20pm CDT by Nick R. in Products, Services

Aqualux Products Limited - Failed/broken shower screen

Posted: 8th of May, 2013, 11:32am CDT by John P. in Products, Services

Raceway - Higher prices for gas than advertised

Posted: 6th of May, 2013, 3:03pm CDT by Ronny K. in Products, Services

Advance Auto Parts - Shoddy advice

Posted: 3rd of May, 2013, 5:42pm CDT by Mike in Products, Services

Florez Engineering - Mr. Bob Krtek

Posted: 2nd of May, 2013, 1:15pm CDT by Robert K. in Products, Services

AT&T - Overcharge

Posted: 27th of Apr, 2013, 2:25pm CDT by Terrie-Dawn C. in Products, Services

Paramount Property Management - Paramount Property Management *Cassandra Swanson*

Posted: 25th of Apr, 2013, 11:59am CDT by John S. in Products, Services

Jim's Pasadena Plumbing

Posted: 18th of Apr, 2013, 8:36pm CDT by jeff m. in Products, Services

VIVINT HOME SECURITY - absolutely big waste of time

Posted: 18th of Apr, 2013, 11:13am CDT by Luke b. in Products, Services

Colors-N-More Painting and Home Improvements - Circuit Court orders full refund for "very sloppy and unprofessional" work !

Posted: 13th of Apr, 2013, 7:32am CDT by Joseph C. in Products, Services

Tom Naquin Nissan - Poor Workmanship - Body Shop - Detail Shop

Posted: 10th of Apr, 2013, 10:49am CDT by Keith D. in Products, Services

Francine Vaughter - GE SPECTRUM STOVE

Posted: 7th of Apr, 2013, 7:20am CDT by Francine V. in Products, Services

Fresh and Green Carpet Cleaners Locksmiths Best Deal Fresh Carpet Care Steam n Clean - Israeli Scam Fresh and Green Carpet Cleaners Best Deal Yaniv Cohen Sky Services 852 REED AVE # 1 SAN DIEGO CA 92109 Steam n Clean Classic Carpet Cleaning

Posted: 5th of Apr, 2013, 5:25pm CDT by 8400977b in Products, Services


Posted: 4th of Apr, 2013, 1:53pm CDT by Dean P. in Products, Services

Vision Eyes Opticians - RipOff Glasses At Vision Eyes Opticians Cricklewood!

Posted: 3rd of Apr, 2013, 7:47pm CDT by 11689378 in Products, Services
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