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Online Shopping - Page 19 Womens Shoes - Ripped off - overcharged, inferior product, no refund or exchange

Posted: 29th of Sep, 2015, 3:28am CDT by Leah M. in Online Shopping

Airbnb - Fraud of customers by online booking websites

Posted: 11th of Sep, 2015, 11:05am CDT by Arash A. in Online Shopping online shopping - is big scam website

Posted: 9th of Sep, 2015, 12:11am CDT by Wondi p. in Online Shopping

trainersprom-uk - fake products

Posted: 7th of Sep, 2015, 5:20am CDT by Amalia O. in Online Shopping - is doing fraud

Posted: 3rd of Sep, 2015, 4:57am CDT by Antonio S. in Online Shopping EGD INC - DO NOT USE

Posted: 2nd of Sep, 2015, 6:54pm CDT by patrick in Online Shopping

Milagrow business solition - Milagrow humantech M2 pro 8gb calling tablet pcb replacement

Posted: 30th of Aug, 2015, 1:59am CDT by javeed s. in Online Shopping

CBM1290 - Scam - avoid company CBM1290

Posted: 22nd of Aug, 2015, 7:39am CDT by JAVIER P. in Online Shopping

ShopLadder - ShopLadder Bait and Switch via

Posted: 21st of Aug, 2015, 3:00pm CDT by Tina R. in Online Shopping

Gilt Groupe Inc - Charged Twice

Posted: 5th of Aug, 2015, 6:45pm CDT by Angela S. in Online Shopping

Kiki Hamann Canine couture - Kiki Hamann Designer a Bags - cardboard bottoms

Posted: 22nd of Jul, 2015, 10:13am CDT by Linda S. in Online Shopping

Posted: 22nd of Jul, 2015, 7:37am CDT by KAILAS TODKARI in Online Shopping

CozyTrike electric trike - Broken Tricke

Posted: 21st of Jul, 2015, 6:53pm CDT by Larry N. in Online Shopping - suggestions for improvements

Posted: 16th of Jul, 2015, 8:49am CDT by Gamila S. in Online Shopping

Groupon - Email blast and getting off list

Posted: 15th of Jul, 2015, 1:03pm CDT by Ken M. in Online Shopping - my feedback to

Posted: 14th of Jul, 2015, 6:57am CDT by Andy W. in Online Shopping

CozyTrike electric trike - Broken Trike

Posted: 9th of Jul, 2015, 11:30am CDT by Larry N. in Online Shopping - Paypal Slander

Posted: 4th of Jul, 2015, 8:51pm CDT by paine a. in Online Shopping

Armed Forces Insignia - Air Force Product

Posted: 24th of Jun, 2015, 1:31pm CDT by Peggy in Online Shopping

The Shopping Channel - 30 day money back guarantee return policy? Be careful!

Posted: 7th of Jun, 2015, 4:42pm CDT by 0eca3367 in Online Shopping
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