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hostel - worst food

Posted: 11th of Oct, 2012, 12:47am CDT by nivedha k. in Food

Pick n Pay - Manager

Posted: 9th of Oct, 2012, 10:13am CDT by Nicolene M. in Food

peanut head - bad nuts

Posted: 5th of Oct, 2012, 11:18pm CDT by DAVID R. in Food

Dean Foods - Dean Foods Donates to Opposing Prop 37

Posted: 26th of Sep, 2012, 8:58am CDT by Jade K. in Food

Supreme Kakes - Rude and Uncooperative, even hung up

Posted: 25th of Sep, 2012, 11:22am CDT by Silky G. in Food

Patio Restaurant - Customer

Posted: 16th of Sep, 2012, 12:34pm CDT by Tim F. in Food

Chartwells Food Service - Unrealistic expecations of workers

Posted: 30th of Aug, 2012, 2:35pm CDT by 25d6c16e in Food

Jack Link's - Tainted meat

Posted: 15th of Aug, 2012, 7:35pm CDT by Jeff G. in Food

STOP & SHOP #2812 - Horrible Customer Service Employee Named Chrissy

Posted: 8th of Aug, 2012, 11:02am CDT by Lauren R. in Food

Teresa Vancardo - Nabisco Oreo Double Stuff Cookies

Posted: 7th of Aug, 2012, 12:01pm CDT by Teresa V. in Food

Stadium Bar and Grill in Lumiere Casino - Customer service

Posted: 4th of Aug, 2012, 8:25am CDT by ac917270 in Food

Popeyes chicken - Popeyes has the worst customer service!!

Posted: 3rd of Aug, 2012, 5:05pm CDT by leia p. in Food

Wendy's - Screwed up order.

Posted: 1st of Aug, 2012, 6:03pm CDT by f91bc257 in Food

Wendy's - What happened to the double stack?

Posted: 31st of Jul, 2012, 5:48pm CDT by 9f386771 in Food

Walmart selling Sam's Club rasin Bran - Walmart selling Sam;s Club rasin Brand;

Posted: 18th of Oct, 2011, 2:08am CDT by 6d0f9b35 in Food

Quantum Foods - Quantum Foods - I bought a 3 pound box of boneless frozen beef ribeye steaks at Walmart. They were from Quantum Foods. There address is 750 S Schmidt Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.

Posted: 21st of Nov, 2004, 12:00am CST by 86a76b78 in Food

Entenmann's - Entenmann's - discontinued one of my favorite cakes, Banana Cake, which I have been eating since I was 7 and I am now 22

Posted: 17th of Jun, 2004, 12:00am CDT by 84368bde in Food

Kraft - Kraft Velveeta Cheese - cheese won't melt smoothly - full of white lumps - want the old cheese back

Posted: 2nd of Nov, 2003, 12:00am CST by 39d0d19a in Food

Kraft - Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - upset with commercial - sexual innuendo content is not appropriate

Posted: 8th of Aug, 2002, 12:00am CDT by b0bb74aa in Food

Doritos - Food & Groceries - Doritos Doritos TV commercial with tennis machine is terrible

Posted: 27th of Feb, 2001, 12:00am CST by 4ff4a69e in Food
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