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Regal Cinemas Bowie MD - Locked doors

Posted: 28th of Jul, 2013, 11:58am CDT by Shequela W. in Entertainment

Google Play - Customer Service is a JOKE

Posted: 22nd of Jul, 2013, 5:52am CDT by 547dd897 in Entertainment

Ancient Stardust - Psychic fraud

Posted: 21st of Jul, 2013, 4:14pm CDT by 70769b36 in Entertainment

Christine Berry Calgary, Canada - Canadian Child Star Angelique Marion Berry & Mom Christine Berry Fired From Hollywood PR FIRM

Posted: 12th of Jul, 2013, 1:06pm CDT by Hollywodprfirm H. in Entertainment

Holly Crutchfield - Thief

Posted: 22nd of Jun, 2013, 7:55pm CDT by Lora B. in Entertainment

KyLyn TV - Unacceptable Billing/Refund Process

Posted: 6th of May, 2013, 9:48am CDT by Madeleine G. in Entertainment

Race Track Promotions - Monster Truck Night of Fire Complaints

Posted: 9th of Apr, 2013, 8:34pm CDT by Fred F. in Entertainment

vivid seats - Company did NOT live up to thier promis

Posted: 28th of Mar, 2013, 4:29pm CDT by 9a6c3078 in Entertainment

denson ranch - paying customer

Posted: 4th of Mar, 2013, 11:18am CST by d79468de in Entertainment

Simply The Best Entertainment - STB Entertainment - Thieves, Con Men (Eric Symons, Steve Leflar)

Posted: 27th of Feb, 2013, 1:01pm CST by ca96b613 in Entertainment

Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary

Posted: 17th of Feb, 2013, 1:16am CST by sharon b. in Entertainment

RedBox - Corporate Thievery

Posted: 17th of Jan, 2013, 12:06pm CST by Patrick P. in Entertainment

Groupon - Groupon Event Refund

Posted: 14th of Jan, 2013, 4:42pm CST by TONYA B. in Entertainment - Service provider paid twice; refuses refund

Posted: 4th of Jan, 2013, 2:39pm CST by fac03f13 in Entertainment

Disneyland - unhappy disney consumer

Posted: 13th of Dec, 2012, 8:17pm CST by kelly p. in Entertainment

Simply The Best Entertainment - Impersonation - Theft - Stalking

Posted: 6th of Dec, 2012, 2:07am CST by Faranack in Entertainment

Hollywood Launch Portland - Fraud and Dishonest Talent Scam - Hollywood Launch Portland

Posted: 26th of Nov, 2012, 12:44pm CST by 037b0baf in Entertainment

Bitter Jester Creative inc and Nicolas Degrazia - Bitter Jester Creative FRAUD - Nicolas Degrazia FRAUD Bitter Jester Creative of Highland Park Bitter Jester Creative of Highland Park Nicolas Degrazia Stole $8000 from our small restaurant business. Total Ripoff. Business Owners BEWARE.

Posted: 21st of Nov, 2012, 10:47pm CST by Barbara M. in Entertainment

Photoboy Studios - "PHOTOBOY STUDIOS"/ Bob Rigsby is a HACK!!

Posted: 4th of Nov, 2012, 8:37pm CST by e32e65db in Entertainment

The Pooter - I do not know if they sent me the product because no one answers emails

Posted: 8th of Oct, 2012, 10:46am CDT by Felipe M. in Entertainment
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