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Good Seats Tickets - Guarantee not honored

Posted: 15th of Feb, 2013, 5:53pm CST by Ann B. in Education - You don't get what you paid for!!

Posted: 8th of Feb, 2013, 12:05pm CST by Mandy C. in Education

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. - ECE | Wrong Equivalence

Posted: 10th of Jan, 2013, 3:56pm CST by 7a2e414d in Education

Michigan State University School of Social Work - A catastrophic violation of every aspect of morality that one can hold dear.

Posted: 6th of Dec, 2012, 1:00pm CST by Dane Y. in Education

Chick-Fil-A - Misguiding Our Children

Posted: 24th of Nov, 2012, 11:57am CST by c7374e1d in Education

The College Board - Not even a bit helpful,xenophobic

Posted: 26th of Oct, 2012, 3:07pm CDT by Utku S. in Education

Walk Don't Drive - Fahrschule

Posted: 22nd of Oct, 2012, 10:09am CDT by John M. in Education

Northwest Kansas Technical College - Northwest Kansas Technical College NWKTC (SCAM)

Posted: 20th of Oct, 2012, 6:25am CDT by Deric M. in Education

Extra Reading Company - Rude customer service and use of spam e-mail marketing

Posted: 9th of Oct, 2012, 6:26pm CDT by 824ddcd1 in Education

Kuchipudi Art Academy - Kuchipudi Art Academy Funds Misutilization

Posted: 12th of Sep, 2012, 10:15am CDT by Alberto B. in Education

Buckle My Shoe - Review of Buckle My Shoe: Massively Overpriced, But you Don't Get More Just Because you Pay More

Posted: 13th of Aug, 2012, 3:07pm CDT by Maxine R. in Education

Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists - Unacceptably high failure rate and unreliable results

Posted: 13th of Aug, 2012, 4:53am CDT by Pat M. in Education


Posted: 11th of Aug, 2012, 9:00am CDT by VIJAY G. in Education

Sanford Brown Institute

Posted: 18th of May, 2012, 10:47am CDT by c79c5b56 in Education

The University of North Texas - The University of North Texas - Rampant Corruption, Bigotry Against Hispanics, Discrimination, Workplace Mobbing, and Dreadful Customer Service

Posted: 8th of Nov, 2011, 2:47pm CST by cebfe11c in Education

International Academy of design and technology - International Academy of design and technology - Education (if you want to call it that)

Posted: 13th of Jun, 2007, 9:41pm CDT by 0decec74 in Education

World Education Services

Posted: 3rd of Apr, 2007, 4:40pm CDT by 7fd39ea6 in Education

Vatterott College - Complaint about Vatterott College

Posted: 3rd of Mar, 2007, 12:52am CST by 0706769b in Education
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