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Computers, Software - Scam site

Posted: 16th of Oct, 2012, 6:00am CDT by Jose M. in Computers, Software

FNT software solutions - FNT software is fake

Posted: 10th of Oct, 2012, 4:37am CDT by mohammed a. in Computers, Software

[email protected] - Packaging or are incomplete

Posted: 9th of Oct, 2012, 3:44am CDT by kitty s. in Computers, Software

1StopEsolution - 1stopesolution Complaints Resolved Very Fast

Posted: 12th of Sep, 2012, 4:06am CDT by James H. in Computers, Software

magicJack Plus - Businesses that shouldn't be in business

Posted: 4th of Sep, 2012, 5:52pm CDT by Gary S. in Computers, Software - Registryfix money back guarantee is a fraud

Posted: 8th of Aug, 2012, 8:16pm CDT by Donny M. in Computers, Software

Toshiba - Toshiba's Warranty is as Lousy as Its Product Quality

Posted: 8th of Aug, 2012, 10:50am CDT by William M. in Computers, Software

Dell - Beware Alienware products

Posted: 17th of Jul, 2012, 8:55am CDT by 921e11e0 in Computers, Software

Norton - My Norton has been deleted by a dishonest trader

Posted: 13th of May, 2006, 2:14pm CDT by Anonymous in Computers, Software

MDG Computer

Posted: 18th of Feb, 2005, 12:00am CST by 2083353f in Computers, Software

Norton - Norton Antivirus for XP 2000 - I did resubscribe this year (I believe in February). However, I was never able to download your product as, I believe, that somehow my previous year's subscription had been deleted.

Posted: 7th of Nov, 2004, 12:00am CST by 43d9326b in Computers, Software

Hewlett Packard - Hewlett Packard Computers - I purchased a HP 775e from my neighborhood Best Buy store back on July 17, 2003. After the first 6 months, the computer crashed. I telephoned your company and was sent 6 recovery disks which I used to getting it up and running

Posted: 7th of Aug, 2004, 12:00am CDT by 96709d49 in Computers, Software

incredimail - incredimail - I want this incredimail deleted from my computer and I can not do it myself

Posted: 2nd of Jun, 2004, 12:00am CDT by 10937b04 in Computers, Software

Compaq - Compaq Presario X1012QV Notebook / Customer Service & Tech Support - I am writing you to relate to you my bad experience with Compaq that you need to know about

Posted: 15th of Apr, 2004, 12:00am CDT by 2536b320 in Computers, Software

Dell - Dell Computer - ordered additional memory - sent wrong memory - had to reorder correct memory - stuck with shipping cost due to mistake by Dell

Posted: 2nd of Mar, 2003, 12:00am CST by b91ab422 in Computers, Software
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