Applebee's - Applebee's, 1401 Capital Circle NW, Tallahassee, FL - disappointed with quality of food received

Posted on Saturday, September 27th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by a0bff6b3

Company: Applebee's

Location: 1401 Capital Circle NW

Category: Restaurants, Bars

I recently attended your restaurant with a group of friends, and we were quite disappointed with the quality of food that we received. We tend to visit your restaurant on a weekly basis and have become accustomed to experiencing a desired level of both food and service. I am in the food service business myself, so I tend to look at my meal more closely because I know what I should expect when my meal arrives. Making sure the customers are all happy and receiving their food correctly is very important to me and should be likewise for you. Let me tell you about our evening. We walked into the restaurant at approximately 9:30p.m. and were promptly seated by the hostess and within a few minutes our server came over and told us about the specials for that night and took our drink order. After a few minutes they came back with our drinks and took our order: one Chicken Fried Chicken, one Club House Grill, one Bacon Cheese Chicken Grill, and one Bacon Cheeseburger. Approximately 40 minutes later our food arrived. In the meantime our server had refilled our drinks 4 times and was doing a great job of staying on top of things. The first thing we noticed was that the mashed potatoes served with the Chicken Fried Chicken looked like paste and the Chicken sandwich appeared to be burned. Come to find out, things were only going to get worse. The mashed potatoes were cold as ice, so we had those sent back and 10 minutes later got mashed potatoes that were way too hot to touch. By that time, we were all pretty much done with our meals when two of my friends encountered yet another problem. Both of my friends who had ordered the dinners that included chicken both got to the middle of their respective meals and noticed that their chicken was slightly pink in the middle. Last time I checked, chicken is one meal you don’t want to eat raw. We asked for the manager and let him know about this. He was very polite in offering to have the meals re-cooked and taken off the bill. While we really appreciated that, it wasn’t enough this time. As of late I have noticed this problem occurring too often. We tend to order chicken dinners, but have noticed that by the time we get half way through the meal, it isn’t fully cooked. This upsets me because I know all it takes is one piece of under cooked chicken to turn a bad meal into an even worse experience. I really hope this is a problem that you will look closer into. We have always enjoyed dining at your restaurant and would like to continue doing so in the future. Thank you for your time in listening to this letter. Sincerely, Samuel


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