U-Haul rental service - $ 19.95 a day is advertised price - but van cost about $ 35 a day

Posted on Sunday, September 21st, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 4ae54701

Company: U-Haul rental service - $ 19.95 a day is advertised price - but van cost about $ 35 a day

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RE: U-Haul rental service - $ 19.95 a day is advertised price - but van cost about $ 35 a day

I’m not unaware that when U-Haul advertises $19.95 for a van, there are going to be extra costs… but I’ll bet there’s no one who can get a van for a day for less than $35. U-Haul should stop enticing people with a price that is nearly half of the real price. I don’t care how you categorize the add-ons. Just say “This van will cost you about $35 a day.” I would still rent from them and not be as humiliated when my final bill comes. Here’s how my charges worked: Standard U-Haul cargo van base rate $19.95 lacking proof of insurance $10 (I took public transit to the U-haul lot, my proof was in my car… when I did my confirmation on the Web, there was nothing that told me to bring proof, not even on the print-out it generated with all the rules and regulations.) 26 miles of driving at $ 0.79 per mile = $20.54 (that came even though I refueled the truck) tax was about $5 My total was about $55 That was all for picking up in San Francisco, driving 5 miles to my house, 10 miles to the delivery point, and 11 miles back to U-Haul. This doesn’t even account for the fact that the trucks are a few miles from the place you do the paper work and the shuttle that takes you to the truck only runs once an hour. I missed the shuttle by five minutes they said. What was my time worth standing there for nearly an hour? More importantly, why an hour to go back and forth a few miles? I hate U-Haul’s hidden-charge policy that adds up to over double what they advertise. Thanks for listening. -Matthew

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d3938ebd, 2011-09-01, 01:34PM CDT

I got a u-haul monday, and was charged 91.35 upfront off my card then the next day was charged twice one for 100.00 and 125.00 off my debit card before bring it back. I called them today and they say they will refund me only 81.12 back on my card. I asked him to explain why so much , he tried, but I still do not get why I was charged this much just for local usage that was just a few blocks from the place where we got it.I do not think that 44miles was used in local usage. I was charged over 316.00 for local usage and will be refunded only 81.16, I do not get it. If they charge like that I could have got several relatives to use trucks and cars to move. Now I am nearly broke from using a uhaul and have no money for rent in on the 5th of Sept!

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